How Useful are Online Video Courses? [Poll]

The Internet has become such a useful tool for us, allowing us to get instantaneous information with just a quick Google search. Another way it helps is by providing online video courses. With the click of a button in Youtube, you can find tons of courses on technology.

Video courses are offered by websites and sometimes on YouTube. These can run the gamut between technology to interior decorating to auto mechanics. Sometimes they’re offered for free, while other times a premium is charged to download the course. They show you step by step how to customize Linux; how to use color, texture, and style in your living room; and how to rebuild the engine in your SUV. The information you’re looking for is out there.

If you’re looking to customize Linux, are you going to take a course in doing that or are you going to look for spotty information and learn it as you go? Are you going to watch a course on how to use color, texture, and style in your living room or are you going to hire an interior decorator? Are you going to watch a video on how to rebuild the engine in your SUV or are you going to take it into the shop?

How useful are video courses?

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  1. I like the video courses or instructions when I am trying to disassemble or repair things, like what I find on the Lenovo site for ThinkPad computers. That way I can see what to do before I break something. I also like to have a written instruction with pictures as well. That way I can cover all the bases. My main problem is with bandwidth. Whenever I don’t have enough bandwidth, it can take forever, or not at all when it comes to watching or trying to download the video file. If I have to pay for the video, being willing to pay all depends on what it is and how much it costs. But I guess that applies to everything we buy. I do not like to pay an outragious price for an OS that is full of bugs and requires me to pay extra for an instruction book just to figure out how it works, especially if it completely different from its previous iteration!

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