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Faceapp Morphing Filters

The Faceapp challenge is sweeping the Internet, with celebrities, influencers, and regular Internet users using the Russian app to morph their selfies so they look older, younger, or of the opposite gender. Here we take a look at the app and explore the various features it offers to morph your pictures.

Downloading the App

Faceapp Download Page

Faceapp is available on both Android and iOS and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You can download the app without having to pay any money upfront, although there is a pro version that is hidden behind a paywall that you can access only after forking out the cash.

Changing Your Look Using the App

The app uses a simple interface that can edit an existing selfie or modify a new one. The interface displays various options, including taking photos from your phone gallery or directly from your social media account. Tap on Gallery to select an existing selfie or take a new selfie using the app’s camera.

Faceapp Photo Upload Page

The photo you take will be uploaded to the app. The photo will show up in the center of the app screen. Near the bottom, you will find a list of options including:

Faceapp Editor Menu

Smile: Adds a smile to your selfie.

Age: Old – Adds several years to your appearance, including sagging skin, wrinkles, graying hair, a bald spot and many other tell-tale signs of aging that you will be desperately trying to combat in a few years of actual time.

Age: Young – Makes you appear younger, with rounder, softer features and smoother skin.

Female/Male: Click on the “Fun” option at the bottom center of the screen and scroll to the right to find this option, which will reveal a gender-swapped version of your face.

Beard, Hairstyles, Glssesa: Adds facial hair, different hairstyles or glasses to your appearance.

In addition to these basic and most popular filters, you also get a variety of other filters that add makeup, blur the background, add tattoos, or change your appearance in some other dramatic manner. You will also find options to create GIFs and collages using “Layouts” for your pictures.

Sharing Your Photo

Faceapp Sharing Options

Once you have used the app to change your appearance, you can share the new image on social media. A sharing icon appears above the morphed image. Tapping the icon will open a list of the social media apps you use, like Facebook or Instagram, that you can post the image to directly.

You also have the option to download the image to your gallery at the top right corner of the screen. Once the image is downloaded it will show up in your recent images folder. From there you can further edit the image if you want before uploading it online.

 The Paid Version of the App

Faceapp Gopro Option

There are certain features of Faceapp that are only accessible by paying a fee. These additional filters offer a greater variety of options including smoothing out your face, adding dramatic hairstyles, etc.

You will also be able to use the app without ads and remove the watermark from the bottom of the picture that appears in every selfie taken using the free version of the app. To access the paid version, go to the “Settings” section and click on the “GoPro” option. You will be shown the various subscription offers and taken to the App Store to complete the purchase.


Faceapp is a fun plaything that can leave you either smiling in amusement at the gender-swapped picture of yourself or gasping in horror after seeing what you will look like in your old age. The paid version does not offer much more than the free version, so you can enjoy almost all the features the app has to offer without spending any money.

Neeraj Chand
Neeraj Chand

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