How to Recall or Unsend an Email in Gmail

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Occasionally, we regret hitting the Send button on an email and want to immediately recall the action. It may be a hastily written message or an annoying forward that creates a bad impression. Here is how you can tweak Gmail settings to give you a generous 30-second recall window and unsend the email in Gmail so the recipient doesn’t receive it.

Increase the Time Window to Unsend Emails in Gmail

Gmail allows you to undo any email that was sent without any actual intent of doing so. This time window can be increased from just a few seconds to half a minute. Click on the Gearbox and select “Settings.”

Gmail Unsend Settings In Gmail

Go to the “General” tab where an “Undo Send” option is prominently visible. From its drop-down menu, the cancellation period can be increased all the way to 30 seconds. This, however, means all your recipients will receive the message a little late. Still, it’s better to have a lot of time to think it over, and recall if necessary.

Gmail Unsend Cancellation Period

Don’t forget to click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page.

Gmail Unsend Save Changes

Undo the Email within 30 Seconds in Gmail

As a best practice, it is always recommended to finish the “Compose” draft first before entering the recipients in the “To” field. You do not want a little accidental mouse flick to send out an email to the saved recipients.

Gmail Unsend Mail Sent

After successfully sending, the email is immediately visible in your “Sent” folder. However, it doesn’t mean the recipient has seen the message. There is still enough time.

Gmail Unsend Message Sent Items

The message “Undo” button is visible on the bottom left. Click on it to stop the email in action.

Gmail Unsend Undo Message 1

You will immediately notice “message undone,” which means the email is no longer in the Sent folder.

Gmail Unsend Sending Undone 1

What If I Need More Time than 30 Seconds?

The Gmail webmail client does not support undoing messages longer than 30 seconds. That is why if you’re dealing with an important email, it is considered the best practice to schedule and send the messages for a convenient time in advance. It can be anything from just a few hours to the next day or week.

Schedule Email Gmail Schedule Time

This is only one of the many features in Gmail. Have you sent any accidental emails that you regretted? Please share in the comments your own tips on how to manage this mistake.

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