How to Tile Windows in macOS

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Traditionally, multitasking has been easier on Windows setups rather than on Mac, but in recent years, Apple has introduced Window Snapping and Split View to allow users to easily set up multiple windows at once. With macOS Catalina, Apple introduced a new way to tile windows, which makes it even easier for you to multitask.

This new feature is similar to the Split View feature on iPadOS and allows you to easily choose to tile a window to the left or right side of the screen or jump immediately into full screen mode.

How to Tile Windows in macOS

This Tile Windows feature is only available to users running macOS 10.15 Catalina or later, so make sure you’re running the latest version of macOS available for your system. It is similar to the usual Split View on macOS; however, setting it up and using it is slightly different.

To set up and use windows tiles in macOS Catalina:

1. Open two apps you want to use side by side.

2. In the window of the app, click and hold the green button on the top right of the screen. This is usually used to directly enter into full-screen mode. However, if you click and hold the button, you’ll see the following options:

  • Enter Full Screen
  • Tile Window to Left of Screen
  • Tile Window to Right of Screen
Tiled Windows Macos Enter Tile Mode

Choose the option you’d like to use, which will automatically tile the window to one side of the screen. On the other side, select the other window you would like to tile. The second application should already be opened on your Mac. This will let you easily manage both windows for multitasking. The tiled windows will automatically enter Full Screen mode, so you can navigate between desktops as you normally would.

Tiled Windows Macos Tiled Mode

Adjusting Tiled Windows in macOS

Once you’ve tiled the windows in macOS, you can interact with them as you normally would. Similarly, you can move them around, adjust the width of both by dragging the vertical line between them, and see the menu bar by moving your cursor to the top of the screen.

Tiled Windows Macos Tiled Mode Divider

To exit this Split View, simply click on the green button in either window which will result in macOS returning to the default desktop setup.

The feature resembles the Split View feature in iPadOS, and it is no coincidence that Apple is trying to keep both operating systems as close to each other as they can in terms of functionality. By clicking one button, you can move a window to the left or right side of the screen. And if you’d prefer, you can even have that window fill the screen completely, too.

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