How to Stream Flash Videos on Your iPhone With iOSFlashVideo

One of the most common concerns when you are browsing the internet using your iPhone is how to stream flash videos. Over time, many iPhone app developers start to introduce their own version of applications that enable you to watch flash movies and video clips. Now, there is another way of watching or streaming flash videos: iOSFlashVideo.

What is iOSFlashVideo?

Actually, it is not an application. Rather, it is a workaround enabling you to stream flash videos without downloading the videos you want to watch. Above all, it is offered for free. As long as you have a good internet connection, you can watch flash videos from the supported sites.

What are the supported sites?

Unfortunately, YouTube is not one of them. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy watching flash movies and flash video clips from other sites. Here is the list of the supported sites:

  • Vimeo
  • Break
  • DailyMotion
  • Flickr Video
  • MegaVideo

Important Note: When watching embedded videos such as those offered at MegaVideo, you need to install OPlayer or the OPlayer Lite.

Step 1: Launch ‘Safari’ from the Springboard.

Step 2: Point your browser to this site:

Step 3: Add the site to your Bookmarks. Click on [+] button below your screen, then tap on “Add Bookmark” button.

Step 4: After adding the address to your bookmarks, click the “‘Save” button to continue.

Step 5: Now, tap on the “Bookmarks” button once again. This time you will be brought to your bookmark page. Tap on “Edit” button below your screen.

Step 6: You will be brought to a page where you need to choose a bookmark to edit; select iOSFlashVideo among the list.

Step 7: We will be editing the URL of the bookmark we saved in Step 4. We need to delete all the characters in the address BEFOREjavascript.” In other words, we will delete this:

Tap “Done” button when you finish.

Step 8: After performing the Step 7, you will be brought back to the bookmarks page; tap “Done” button until you get out of the bookmarks page. In this step you may need to tap on it twice.

Step 9: Now navigate through the supported sites and load a page containing a flash video. Once the page has loaded, click on “Bookmarks” button [+] and select iOSFlashVideo. After which, you will be able to stream the video you selected.

So far, this workaround works perfectly on any iDevice you may have; it works on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Since you will not be using any apps aside from Safari and OPlayer (whenever you are streaming embedded flash videos), there is not much problem you will encounter. However, if you can encounter some, please don’t hesitate to post it here so that we can update this post and look for common workarounds to fix such problems.


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