How to Schedule Reoccurring Monthly Appointments Once And For All

logo-romulistThere are a lot of reoccurring events on most people’s calendar. What is the best way to have these on your calendar? Should they be a full day appointment? Are they better off listed as a task? Instead, let Romulist take care of these events.

Think of all the clutter you will eliminate by inputting events such as the due dates of your bills, prescription refills or even monthly meetings.

How Romulist works

Firstly, it is in beta. You can get a quick invite if you tweet their message to your flock of Twitter followers.

invite tweet-romulist

When you get the invite, you just click on the link they DM you. You will be taken to a page to login.

romulist DM code

On the login page, you can either use an email address to create your account,

sign in-romulist

or you can login with your Google account or your Google Apps account.

google oauth-romulist

Once you are in, you may need to fill in some basic info. It may be already correct. The 3 main things you will need to look at are your time zone, that emails are enabled and set your contact time. Just give it a once over and move on if everything is all good.


Now is the part where you start adding in your reoccurring appointments. The layout is pretty self explanatory. Give the event a name, select the day it is on and how far in advance you want to know about the event. You can see an example of an event if you really need to.

add appointment-romulist

As you add events, you can see them in a list. You will also start to see the dates on the calendar fill in with color. All of this can be viewed on your dashboard.


You can also see just the events under the events tab.


Event reminders

After you have all of your events added into your Romulist, you can sit back and wait for your first email. You will get an email reminder in the morning around the time you set. If you are unsure of what time you set, the default is 8AM. You can check for yourself in the settings tab. I know I am usually out the door before 8AM on days I am at the office so a 6 or 7AM email would be better for my schedule.

Ideas for using Romulist

There are a lot of uses for a service like Romulist. Here are a few examples.

  • Write your monthly email newsletter.
  • Schedule a lunch meeting with a friend.
  • Refill a prescription.
  • Pay rent.
  • Pay other bills
  • Bill a client.
  • Backup your computer.
  • Any reoccurring bank deposits into your account.
  • Dates for any reoccurring bank transfers.


I think a service like Romulist is great for the people who do not use a digital calendar or for those who do, but hate to clutter it with reoccurring monthly events. The key to a web app like this is you need to be a person who pays attention to their emails. If you don’t, then it is just wasted time and effort.

How would you use a service like Romulist help you manage your monthly to-do list?

Trevor Dobrygoski
Trevor Dobrygoski

Trevor is a freelance writer covering topics ranging from the Android OS to free web and desktop applications. When he is not writing about mobile productivity, He is coaching and playing the world's greatest game... Soccer.

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