How to Quickly Build A Professional Website Without Being a Coding Expert

Have you ever wanted to make a website for an event or special occasion? A website can be an inconvenience to build for a one time use. Weebly has you covered.

The drag and drop nature Weebly uses to let you build your site is very easy to use. Even if you are an extreme novice, you can easily build a site in minutes. You start with a basic template, then add elements to it by dragging items where you want them to be.

Weebly hosting options

You have the choice of a free hosted option with a after your site’s name. You can also choose to use a domain name you already own or register a name. Having these options is great for the beginner. You can make a simple site using the hosted option, then when you are comfortable building a site, you can register your own URL.


Weebly site builder

This is the cool part of Weebly. Like I mentioned above, you start with a basic template site then make changes by dragging and dropping things where you want them. Much like, Blogger and others, you have lots of choices for the themes and optional elements.


The way the site builder is laid out makes it easy to see what your options are. If you have made a site on Blogger, you will see some similarities, but I thing Weebly is a bit less intimidating.

Weebly site elements

Using other site building platforms, it can be a challenge to figure out how to add media or monetize your site. When using Weebly to build your site, you can drag the video option where ever you want the video to appear. If you want to put ads on your site, you can drag the Adsense element into the area where you’d like the ads to appear.

You have numerous options to modify your site. You can choose from monetizing it with products, Adsense, or adding in HTML code for your Amazon affiliate account.


Multimedia is just as easy to add. You can add Youtube videos by dragging the Youtube element where you want it then pasting the URL to the video into the designated spot.

Weebly Blog

If you want to build a blog or add a news section to your site, you can do this as well. Go to the Pages tab. Adding a blog page is as simple as clicking New blog.

In the Stats tab, you can see an approximate number of visitors to your site, along with being able to see replies to any form entries and  moderate any blog comments.


Weebly Pro

Like many free sites, Weebly also have an upgrade available for a cost. The upgrade to the pro version unlocks site elements and allows for greater customizing of the site. The cost is pretty low if you need the extra features the upgrade opens up.


I think Weebly is a great option for the beginner looking to learn how to build a site. I also see Weebly as a great option for building a site for an event. The sites are extremely easy to start and build. You can have a really nice looking hosted site up and running in less than 30 minutes with no knowledge of site building.

Other than and Blogger, what other sites do you know that are similar to Weebly?


  1. Have you ever tried, formerly note as Synthasite?
    I used it for some small projects, it offers great features even for the free version.

    1. Not yet, but thanks for informing. We will check it out.

  2. Thanks, this is a good read as I have been researching Weebly to start a small e-commerce craft web site

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