How To Purchase DRM-free MP3 From Amazon Via iTunes

iTunes-logoWhile the iTunes store gives you access to a wide range of music and a one-click no-fuss purchase experience, it does come with a DRM restriction that prevents you from playing your favorite track on other devices. On the other hand, Amazon enables you to buy DRM-free high quality MP3 track, but you have to put in the extra effort to go to the Amazon site and search through the extensive database for that particular track. Now, wouldn’t it be great if you can combine the best of both World – search for the song in iTunes and buy the track in Amazon?

Advantageous MP3 is a mini iTunes script that is able to detect which song you are searching at iTunes store and brings you directly to the purchase site at Amazon. It is only 60kb in size and supports both Mac and Windows iTunes.

Download Advantageous MP3 for Mac here. Windows user can download it here.

Install the downloaded file.

Open your iTunes. You should see the Advantageous MP3 icon at the menu bar.


Now, go to your iTunes store and search for the song/album you want.


Click on the Advantageous MP3 icon and select Get MP3 From Amazon.


[For Mac users only] At the first run, it will prompt you to activate the GUI display at the Universal Access menu.


Check the box beside Enable access for assistive devices.


Back to your iTunes, click on the Get MP3 from Amazon again.

This time, your default browser will pop up and bring you to the album purchase page in Amazon. Proceed on to buy your MP3.


Once you have finished downloading your MP3, simply drag and drop it into iTunes to sync it with your iPod

That’s it.

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