How To Protect Your Identity Online With A Proxy Server

Have you ever felt like you are being watched when you are surfing the web? Or when you chanced upon a website and were surprised to find that it knows your name, and even what you like and what you want to see. Isn’t that scary? The fact is, the Web is not a safe place. Every links you clicked, every URLs you visited and every actions you took are being closely monitored, and you don’t even know who is monitoring you. What if those behind the scene monitoring all your activities are cyber-criminals? And what if they got hold of all kind of information about you, including your name, address, social security number or credit card number?

You can imagine the consequences, don’t you?

You have to fight back. Here is how you can protect yourself with proxy server.

Surf with a Proxy server

A proxy server acts as an Internet agent and requests information from website on your behalf. It negotiates the connection to the website and displays the information back to you. During the process, your IP address stays concealed and your identity remains anonymous to the website you are surfing.

There are plenty of free online proxy servers that offer anonymous web surfing. There is no setup involved and no installation required. What you need is just point your URL to the proxy server and surf right from their website.

A good proxy server that is strongly recommended is

Proxify provides a number of setting – speed, security and compatibility, to enhance your surfing experience. For power users, you can even manually tweak the setting to your liking.

You can also find many other proxy server by googling. One point to note is that not all proxy servers are safe. Some are set up by cyber-criminals to capture your information. Before you use the proxy server, check out the Whois for website record . If it seems dubious, do not use it. You can also read online reviews to find out if the proxy server is legitimate.

Manually configure a Proxy

One of the caveat when using free online proxy server is that most of them are not ad-free and you could lose some speed. Paying a premium subscription usually gives you the full functionality and ad-free, but that is only if you are willing to pay for it. Seriously speaking, I don’t.

A way to surf with proxy server without losing the functionality is to manually configure a proxy on your browser.

Check out proxy list website to search for a proxy that you can use. Choose those that have good uptime and of “anonymous proxy” type. Record down its IP address and port. (You can see a string of number The 12 digit below the colon is the IP address while the 4 digits after the colon is the port number)

If you are using Internet Explorer,

Internet Explorer proxy screenshot

  1. Click Tools and select Internet Options.
  2. In the Connections tab, click the LAN setting button.
  3. Check both boxes under the Proxy server heading.
  4. Enter the IP address and port you just recorded, and save your settings.

If you are running Firefox:

Firefox proxy screenshot

  1. Click Tools and select “Options“.
  2. Click the Advanced settings.
  3. Go to Network-> “configure how firefox connects to the Internet“.
  4. Under setting, select “manual proxy configuration“. Paste the IP address to the HTTP Proxy field and the port number to the port field.
  5. Check “use this proxy server for all protocols
  6. Press “OK” and exit

Done. You have manually configured your proxy.

One thing though, some of the proxy do not support HTTPS, never use it to log on to your bank account or enter any other confidential information.


  1. thanks for the tips. american in saudi and many sites blocked. had subscription last year from proxy01arabia for 120 bucks 12 months, but he DOUBLED his price so I bailed. web address is blocked here for your so I sent link to my daughter in Atlanta and will try to get proxy/port numbers from her. anyway.. just wanted to say thanks for the link.

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