How to Play Super Nintendo (SNES) Game In Ubuntu Hardy


Previously, I have talked about the way to play playstation game in Ubuntu. For those who are a fanboy of Super Nintendo (SNES), I didn’t forget about you too. Here is how you can play SNES game in Ubuntu Hardy.

There are several popular SNES emulators for Linux, namely: ZSNES, SNES9X, BSNES, SNEmul. We will be using ZSNES because it is the best among the rest and works great in Ubuntu.

In your terminal, type

sudo apt-get install zsnes

Once done, go to any of the SNES ROM download sites and download your favorite SNES game (Once again, it is illegal to own the ROMs if you do not own the cartridges, download at your own risk). The game will be in .zip format. There is no need to extract the files.

Open your ZSNES emulator (Applications->Games->ZSNES Emulator).


Select Load from the menubar and navigate to the file path where you have downloaded the zipped ROM.


Select the file and click Load to power up the game.


At any point of time, you can press the Escape button on your keyboard to activate the menubar.

Some options that you can configure in the menubar include loading a previously saved game, saving the current game state, configure your input devices, video and sound options and also connect to the Internet for multiplayer gameplay.



Image credit: Chris.JP