How To Perform Copy/Paste Function In iPhone

Even though your iPhone/iPod Touch allows you to install, run and perform many applications, there is just one simple function that is most sought after, but is not available – Copy/Paste.

Yes, iPhone/iPod Touch does not come with Copy/Paste function and despite countless pleas to Apple to implement this feature, there is still no news that this function is going to be included in the future firmware upgrade.

Nevertheless, if you are willing to jailbreak your iPhone/iPod Touch and void the guarantee, you still can get the Copy/Paste to work. For those who are yearning for the Copy/Paste function, here is how you can get it working on your iPhone.

1. Jailbreak your iPhone

2. On the home screen, you should see a Cydia icon.Tap on it to run the installer application.


3. On the Cydia main screen, navigate to Sections-> Keyboards Extension. You will find hClipboard. Tap and install it.

cydia-keyboard cydia-keyboard: hclipboard

4. Once you have finished the installation, exit Cydia and go to Settings. Navigate to General ->Keyboard->International Keyboards. You will see the hClipboard function. Slide the button to turn it on.

settings-general settings-keyboard



5. Now, go to any text application (such as Note). On the keyboard, you should see a globe button. Tapping on this globe button will turn the keyboard to the Copy/Paste mode.



Now type some text on the Note. Go to the Copy/Paste mode. Tap on the first icon (on the right) to copy all the text. To copy only a portion of the text, first place the cursor on the starting. Tap the second icon. You should see a sentence “Select from here…”. Next, move the cursor to the end of the selected text. Tap the second icon again. The selected text should now be copied to the clipboard.

To paste the text, simply tap the entry on the copy/paste keyboard. To delete, simple swipe the clipboard entry to the right.

copy-text delete-copied-text

You can also save the copied text as a template so you can use it over and over again, without having to retype it.

That’s it. Enjoy the Copy/Paste function in your iPhone/iPod Touch.

Note: Another application that gives you the Copy/Paste function is Clippy. You can find it in the Cydia installer.


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