How To Perform A Power Google Search (and get almost everything out of it)

google power search Don’t be fooled by the simple layout of Google page. The search engine is much more powerful than you think. In this guide, I will cover some of the ways you can use to perform a power Google search, and get almost everything out of it (yes, I really mean everything).

Simple tricks

  • AND (same as “+“)
    All words that are linked by the “AND” (in caps) are included in the search results.
    eg. cats AND dogs, cats +dogs (do not put a space behind the “+”)

(Google seach all terms by default, so the “AND” operator is unnecessary)

  • OR (same as “|”)
    Put a “OR” between the search terms to fetch search results that contain either of the terms
    eg. cats OR dogs, cats | dogs
  • ” ”
    A ” ” quote denotes a phrase and can also be used to include stop words such as “and”, “to”, “a”, “an”. All the terms inside the ” ” will be included in the search results.
    eg. “raining cats and dogs
  • Exclude
    Put a – (minus sign) in front of the word/phrases to exclude the word/phrases
    eg. “cats and dogs” -“raining cats and dogs” will show result that contains “cats and dogs”, but exclude the phrase “raining cats and dogs”
  • Wildcards
    Put an asterisk (*) to represent a missing word
    eg. “raining * and dogs”
  • Synonyms
    Put a tilde ~ in front of your search term to include synonym terms in the search result.
    “~cats” will fetch you result containing cats, animals, pets, breeder
  • Setting number range
    Put a “..” (double dot) in between number terms to denote a range.
    “eg. “computer $500..$1000“, “vintage car 1960..1990

Search relating to sites

  • intext: Fetch search results that have the search terms in the body text of the page. Example: To find webpage that have the term “google search” in the body text, type intext:google search
  • inanchor: To search webpages that have the search term in hyperlinks. eg. inanchor:widget
  • intitle: To search for pages that have the search term in the page title. eg. intitle:power google search
  • filetype: Finding a file of specific file type. eg.hotel filetype:doc
  • site: Search only a particular site. eg.
  • Define: Find a definition for a term that you don’t know. eg. define:internet
  • related: Find results that is related to the search term. eg. (Find websites related to the Ferrari website.)
  • info:Find information about a site. eg. (Find information about Ferrari website.)

Google search as a calculator

Simply type in the figures that you want to be calculated and Google will fetch you the result.

Simple math:

  • Type in 1+1 and Google will return the result 1+1=2. You can also type in “one plus one” and get “one plus one=two”.

Complex Math

  • ^ denotes square. eg 2^20
  • sqrt() denotes square root. eg sqrt(16), or simply type square root of 16
  • sin(), cos(), tan() denote trigonometry functions. eg. sine(30 degrees), cos(60), tan(45)
  • ln denote logarithm base e. eg. ln 7, ln(7)
  • log denote logarithm base 10. eg. log 7, log(7)
  • lg logarithm base 2. eg. lg 7, lg(7)
  • ! denote factorial. eg. 2!

Google search to find movie showtime (only for US)
You can use Google search to find the movie showtime, which theaters, location and average reviews, ratings.

movie: lord of the ring

Google weather search

You can use Google to find the weather forcast for your region.

Type in “weather new york” or whatever place that you are staying to find the weather condition.


Google stock quotes search

stock: followed by the stock exchange symbol for the stock you’d like to follow. For example, to see a stock quote for Google, type stock: goog


Google phonebook search (for US only)

Type in phonebook: your name location to display a list phone number of the person living in that location.

eg. phonebook: damien new york


Google Time search
To find out what time is it now in other countries, type time:country

eg. time:singapore


Google Conversion

You can use Google search to convert a number of things including currency, length, weight, distance, time etc.

  • US$5 to euro
  • 1 meter to inch
  • 2.3 years to days
  • 6 hours to sec

Is there anymore Google search tips that I did not cover? Tell us about it in the comment.


  1. Great round up of information, I always think to myself that I should really make more use of Google’s abilities!

  2. @Collis: lol. I am guilty of not fully utilizing Google’s abilities too.

  3. i’ve stumbled upon quite a few posts similiar to this. Needless to say I was quite impressed with yours because it explained a few that others didn’t have and, I didn’t even know you could do.

    Good job.

    – Dwayne Charrington.

  4. @Dwayne: Thanks. I am glad that you enjoyed the post and hopefully, you have picked up a trick or two.

  5. Nice collection!

  6. to narrow a search to a domain or site type: “best practice”

    or “best practice”

  7. I have been using intitle inurl searches for years.
    It is amazing how many sites I have found with no “index.html” in each subdirectory.
    I made a sample page for my friends to discover how simple it can be.
    Some examples and results are included.
    MP3’s are so easy, whole albums or just a single song. Even flv files (movie) are so common.
    But beware google thinks you are a SPYBOT and throws in evil sites, that will provide malware and trojans for free.

  8. Hi,
    Thats a very useful collection of parameters to improve Google search. Thanks. These parameters would become much more useful if used on the search engine since the results will also show Time stamp on all results..

  9. here is a typical search string in Google, just change the filetype (wmv) to (mp3) and name in “01” to lets say (beatles)

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