How to Perform a “I am Lucky” Search From Google Chrome Omnibar

In Firefox, when you type a search term to the address bar, it will perform a “I am lucky” search on Google and load the first search result. If the result is not available, it will show a Google search result page instead. This is one feature that I really like in Firefox.

In Google Chrome, when you type a search term on the omnibar, it will perform a Google search by default. If you like the Firefox’s “I am Lucky” search feature, you can easily duplicate it in Google Chrome with the following tricks:

In your Google Chrome, click on the wrench button and go to the Options page. Under the Basics tab, click on the “Manage” button in the Default Search section.


Click on the Add button. Enter the following in the respective fields:


Click “Save” to save the search engine.

Now, to perform a “I am Lucky” search, you just have to enter “iam” (without the quote) follow by the Tab keyboard button follow by your search term. It will bring you to the first URL in the search result page.

To make “I am Lucky” search the default, select the “I am Lucky” entry and click on the Make Default button. Whenever you type on the omnibar, it will perform a “I am Lucky” search instead of the usual Google search.



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  1. A simple but immensely useful tip. Thanks.

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