How To Open Numerous Applications With One Click

When you boot up your computer, most people will have a set process to what they do when it’s finished loading. For me, it’s loading up my Firefox browser, opening Windows Live Writer and playing some music through iTunes.

What would you do if I said you would be able to load all these applications at once, whenever you feel like it?

Allow me to introduce Lacuna Launcher, a windows based application that will allow you to specify what applications you wish to run, allow you to set a time between how quickly they launch, and basically just allow you to have specified shortcuts for certain tools you wish to use at any given time.


Using the application is easy, simply extract the files into a folder and place that folder in a secure location on your hard drive. Open the text file named “list” and copy the shortcut paths of the programs you wish to launch.


Right click “ll.exe“, and select “Create Shortcut”. Copy this shortcut to your desktop, start menu, quick launch or dock.

And that’s it, you can now launch as little or as many applications as you wish. There are more advanced ways to use this program, which can be found inside the readme.txt file or by clicking here.

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