How To Make Disappeared Icons In OpenOffice Return?

If you have encountered situation where your Openoffice icons are lost and were replaced with texts, here is what you can do:

Go to Tools -> Options. Under -> Views, look for the section Menu and make sure that the Show icons in menu box is checked.

If the icons are still lost after you have checked the show icons box, your openoffice could be missing the icon set for your desktop theme.

There are two ways that you can solve this issue

1) Install the icon set

If you are using tango theme, in your terminal, type

sudo apt-get install

or look for “” in your Synaptic Package Manager. If you don’t like tango theme, you can also choose from a selection of icon theme. Currently, open office supports the following theme: Andromec, crystal, default, hicontrast, human (installed by default), industrial, tango.

2) Switch the openoffice icon theme to human

Your Openoffice installed the human theme by default. In your Openoffice, go to Tools -> Options. Under -> View, look for the section Icon sizes and styles. On the right dropdown box, select Human and press OK.

You can see that your icon is now back on your Openoffice.


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