How To Install Windows Vista In Ubuntu Gutsy Using VMware

For Ubuntu Gutsy users who find that they can’t live without Windows, or just want to give Vista a try, here’s your savior: VMware Server.

Vmware Server is a free to download virtual machine tool that allows you to install the various type of operating systems under a virtual environment.

Before you attempt to install Windows Vista, please make sure that your computer has at least 1GB of RAM (preferably 2GB), 16GB of hard disk space and a genuine Vista CD.

Here are the steps to install Windows Vista in Ubuntu using Vmware Server.

Download the VMware Server software from VMware download site. Remember to register to get your license key. You will need it for installation.

Launch Archive Manager and extract the downloaded file to /tmp directory

Next, we need to prepare our system for VMware installation.

In your terminal,

Now the installation,

The installer will then guide you through the installation. Press “Enter” for all the questions. The last step require you to enter the license key.

Once installed, launch the VMware from Application -> System Tools -> Vmware Server Console

Vmware Server Console

Click “Create a new virtual machines”

Vmware screenshot1

Choose “Typical” in the Virtual Machine Configuration

Vmware screenshot2

Under the Guest Operating system, choose “Microsoft Windows”. At below, scroll down to “Windows Vista (experiemental)”

Vmware screenshot3

Enter the name of your virtual machine and choose the location where you want to save it.

Vmware screenshot4

Under Network Condition, choose use “Network Address Translation (NAT)”.

Vmware screenshot5

Under the Disk Size, allocate 16GB to the disk size and make sure the split disk into 2GB files is checked. If you just want to try out Vista, uncheck the allocate disk space now.

Ok. Now insert in your Vista installer CD.

On the VMware console, click “Power on this virtual machine”.

The virtual machine will now boot up with your installer CD and guide you through the Vista installation process.

Once the installation of Vista is completed, press “Ctrl + Alt” to get out of the VMware console.

On the VM menu, select “Install Vmware tool”. Now you’ve got enhanced graphics and mouse cursor that can move in and out of the virtual machine.

That’s it. Done!

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  1. right now, i am dual booting Ubuntu 7.10 with Vista Home Premium.
    does this work if i am already dual booting vista and ubuntu?
    i can burn backup vista DVDs, and then use those for the installation, but i dont want to have vista installed on my PC twice. I want to use ubuntu as my main OS. I just want to run Photoshop CS3 on ubuntu, but Wine can’t handle that, but since i have 3GB of RAM, i want to run Ps on vista on a virtual machine.
    how does this play out?

  2. @David: Yes, it will work, provided you have a Vista installer DVD. I have not try it with backup copy and I think that there could be a chance that it can’t work.

  3. This is the best tutorial I have aver seen on the web. I have kubuntu 7.10 , just installed vmware server, Thanks a lot……… rock

  4. Hi,

    I have not tried this yet. Just to ask. If I wish to completely remove Windows, how can this be done?


  5. @Jerry: You mean remove Windows from the VMware? Open your file manager (Nautilus in Ubuntu or Dolphin in Kubuntu), navigate to the folder where your virtual machine files are kept and delete the Windows Vista folder.

  6. How do I completely removed Ubuntu? I just ordered a new computer and I thought that vista came with it, however Ubuntu is what I got. I am trying to install Vista but I keep getting an NTFS Format Error. It is telling me that it can not proceed with the install until a portion of the hard drive is partitioned this way. How do I do this?

    1. You can use Gparted to wipe your Ubuntu off and format it into NTFS format. You should be able to install your Vista after that.

  7. before this im useing windows vista..
    now im full time on ubuntu when i install ubuntu on my windows vista…
    i want to use windows to use some sofware that i cant use on ubuntu…

    can i just instal vista without useing the vmware?

    and just boot it with ubuntu in when i on my laptop?

    1. I assume that you are dual booting your system to run both ubuntu and Vista.

      If you boot into Ubuntu and wanted to access your Vista, the only way is to create a virtual machine with VMware or Virtualbox.

      Alternatively, you can use wine to install those Windows software.

  8. i installed the vmware as per the procedure stated above… but i could not find the VMWare Launch console in the System tools… As a result am not able to get into the workstation…

    Kindly help me out…

    Waiting for your response……..

    Thanks in advance


    1. @RAwrb: Are you using VMWare 2.0? Version 2.0 of Vmware are all web based and run within your browser. Check out this article for more info.

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