How to Grab Photos From Flickr And Set As Ubuntu Wallpaper (Automatically)

There are tons of interesting and nice photos on Flickr. While you can download them and set it as your desktop wallpaper manually, wouldn’t it be great if there is a software that can automate the downloading process and change your Ubuntu wallpaper every now and then?

Webilder does just that. It allows you to download images from Flickr and Webshots and set it as your wallpaper. You can customize it by setting the keywords (or tags) to watch for and/or check out the Webilder channel for tags and albums shared by others.

Installing Webilder (on Ubuntu Hardy Heron)

In your terminal,

gksu gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

Insert the following codes to the repository: (yes, the code is for Feisty, but it works in Hardy too)

deb feisty main
deb-src feisty main

Save and exit.

In the terminal again,

sudo apt-get update


sudo apt-get install webilder webilder-gnome

For KDE,

sudo apt-get install webilder webilder-kde

Once installed, right click on the top-right panel and select “Add to Panel“. Scroll down the list to find “Webilder Desktop Applet“. Click “Add” follow by “Close“. You will now see the Webilder icon on the panel.


Click on the Webilder icon to open the configuration manager.

Go to Tools->Preferences to customize your setting.

The General tab allows you to determine the frequency to rotate your wallpaper and to download new photos.


The Flickr tab allows you to add custom tags to define the type of photos you want to download.


Some syntax you can use:

party, beach : download photos that are tagged with both party and beach
party, beach;swimsuit : download photos that are tagged with both party and beach, or with swimsuit

Other things that you can customize include the photos from specific flickr user and album.

The Webshots tab allows you to configure download from Webshots. You will need to enter your login account to activate it.


The Advanced tab determines the path where the photos are downloaded to.


Once you are done with the configuration, click Tools->Download Photos to begin the downloading. After the downloading is completed, you should see all the photos on the main window. Filter out those that you don’t want (right-click and select Delete Forever). It should now change your wallpaper regularly at the interval that you have specified previously.


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