How to Enable Developer Options in Android

Android Developer Options Feature

Developer options in Android are great, unlocking a bunch of features and functions that you aren’t able to do in “vanilla” Android, such as USB debugging, changing animation speeds, and a night mode that changes applicable apps to a dark theme at sunset.

This tutorial will show you how to enable developer options on Android. This method should be largely similar on Android versions 4.2 all the way through Android 10, though there may be slight variation depending on your phone manufacturer and UI.

To enable developer options, go to “Settings -> About Phone.” (This may be Settings -> System -> About phone.)

Enable Developer Options About Phone

Tap “Build number” repeatedly until you get a notification saying that “You’re now a developer.”

Enable Developer Options Android Build Number

You’ll need to enter your PIN code to confirm the enabling of developer options.

Now go back to “Settings -> System -> Advanced,” where you’ll find the new “Developer options” listed.

Enable Developer Options Android See Options 2

Tap this to be taken through to a bunch of cool hidden features that you wouldn’t normally be able to use.

Be careful, though, as certain areas like “Running services” contain things that are crucial to the running of your phone. Stopping these can make your phone unstable, so only play around with them after doing further research.

Once you have them enabled, there is now an array of things you can do in Android developer options. Or, for something a little different, see our list of the best hacking apps for Android.

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