How To Add Subtitles And Convert Video For iPhone In Windows

Imagine that you are going to convert an avi video files to mp4 format so that you can sync it with your iPhone and watch it on the go. Now, if you have the subtitles files, wouldn’t it be great if you can embed it in the converted video as well?

XviD4PSP is a video encoder/decoder that allows you to convert your video files from one format to another. Originally created to convert video for PSP, now it is able to convert video for a wide variety of devices, include iPhone, PS 3, Xbox 360, Blackberry, DVD player etc. There is also a subtitles feature where you can embed your subtitle file in the video.

Let’s get started.

Download XviD4PSP here

Windows XP users need to install the Micosoft .Net framework 3.0. Vista users need to turn the UAC off or set it to run in quiet mode.

Once you have installed the framework, run the Xvid4PSP installer. When it comes to the “Choose Components” page, make sure you select all the components.


Launch Xvid4PSP


Open your video files (Click on the “Open” button in the menubar)


The left pane is where all the configuration options are situated. If you are proficient enough, you can click the ‘E’ button beside the dropdown to configure your own setting. For the rest, the preset options are good enough.

Under the “Format” dropdown bar, select “MP4 iPhone or Touch”.


Under the Video encoding dropdown bar, you can choose between “Turbo”, “Extreme” or “Ultra”. If you want to have a fast encoding process, pick “Turbo”. If the video quality matters a lot to you and you don’t mind to wait double the time for the encoding to finish, select “Extreme” or “Ultra”.


Next, you have to prepare your subtitle file. Subtitle files usually come with a .srt file extension. There are always numerous version of subtitle files for a particular movie, so you may want to check first before you start the encoding. If you are looking for a subtitle file, there are plenty of websites that offer free subtitle files for download. You just need to google for it.

On the menubar of Xvid4PSP, click on “Subtitles -> Add”. Navigate to the directory where your subtitle file is kept and select it.


To check if the subtitle file is correct for your movie, click on the Play button to start playback the video. You will be able to see if the subtitle matches the timeline of the show.

When you are done, click on the “Encode” button on the menubar. A window will prompt you to select the location to save your file. Navigate to the folder you want to save the file and click Save. The conversion will now start.


The conversion process will take a few hours. You might want to sit back and relax or go for a coffee break. When you are back, you should see your newly converted video at the folder you have specified.


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