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Most of us use a well-thought-out signature in our outgoing emails. It’s the trait of a professional, and the recipient takes you more seriously. Outlook offers diverse options in adding the signature of your choice. You can customize them further with images, business cards, hyperlinks, logos, and colorful backgrounds. Here is how to add a signature in Outlook, whether you’re using its webmail, desktop or mobile app.

Adding a Signature in Outlook WebMail

In the Webmail window, once you’re logged in, you can see a tiny gear icon on the top. Click to open a side panel where you see the option, “View all Outlook settings.”  Proceed from here to access Outlook’s core settings, including signatures.

Outlook Signature Settings

The email signature option in the webmail client is a rich-text word editor. This has everything you need to give you the signature of your desire. Whether you want to choose a unique font scheme or experiment with colors, this is the place to do it.

Outlook Signature Compose Reply Box

You can insert pictures inline and adjust it around the text. Use the align left, right, justify, and wraparound buttons to position the image properly around the text. You can also add numerical and unordered bullet lists.

Outlook Signature Insert Pictures Online

Adding items such as tables, mathematical symbols, superscripts, subscripts, and strikethrough – there’s almost no textual effect, which Outlook doesn’t permit. Make sure to not use too many arcane symbols and high-resolution tables, pictures, etc., as they may not render very correctly on the other person’s screen.

Nowadays many email providers prevent phishing attempts by blocking third-party access to its hyperlinks from a random signature. Adding only text in the signature will never make you wrong.

Outlook Signature Table

Once your signature is created, check the options “Automatically include my signature on any new messages I compose” and “Forward/reply to.” Your webmail Outlook signature is now ready to use.

Outlook Signature Automatically Include

Adding a Signature in Outlook Desktop Client

To add a signature in the Outlook desktop client, click “File” and go to “Options” at the bottom. The following screenshots are for Outlook 2020, but similar methods are applicable for earlier versions of Outlook up to Outlook 2013.

Outlook Signature Client Desktop Options

In the Outlook Options menu, go to the Mail tab where you can see the “Signatures” menu. This option allows you to create or modify signatures easily. The tool is more advanced than the webmail client.

Outlook Signature Desktop Client Options

The Outlook desktop client also has a Word editor-like signature option. Click “Ok” to add a new signature. If your company gave you a bunch of business cards, you can use them to provide factual evidence of your presence in the company.

Outlook Signature Insert Business Card

You can add an email or web hyperlink from the Word-like editor in the Signature box. Remember to not add too many links, as this can make your signature look cluttered and overambitious. Adding social media account links should be minimal and restricted to the ones you really use. LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are the most common third-party sites to be added here. Make sure to add a minimal font style.

Outlook Signature Desktop Hyperlink

The Outlook desktop client allows you to adjust the background around the signature from its “Theme or stationer” option. This is quite good if you want to add some depth and variety to your emails.

Outlook Signature Desktop Theme Stationery

Adding a Signature in Outlook Android/iOS Client

If you’re using Outlook’s Android or iOS app on a phone or tablet, you have limited but effective options to add the images. There is a prominently displayed Signature button.

Outlook Signature Mobile Client Androide

Here you learned how to add Outlook signatures to your email. Now you can also add multiple signatures to you Gmail account. If you’re looking for a list of Outlook alternatives, we have them covered here. If you are wondering if Outlook is the best alternative to Gmail, check out our head-to-head comparison.


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