How Often Do You Update Your OS? [Poll]

No matter which operating system you use, it requires updates at some point. Some people look forward to them while others try to resist them as long as they can. How do you handle it? How often do you update your OS?

Whether you use a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, it uses an operating system of some type. And because it’s technology, it’s always going to have updates. There’s always something newer and hopefully better that you can do with your system. Sometimes the changes are something to look forward to; they’re exciting. But there are also times when the changes to the OS don’t work so well. It becomes a mad rush to try and revert your system back to the previous OS. In that case, people sometimes try to avoid the problems and skip the new OS. After all, like the old adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But can you really skip out on the fun of having a new OS?

Do you look forward to updating your operating system or do you look the other way at the notifications that pop up hoping you never have to update? Do you download and install all updates or do you pick and choose only the ones that you want? How often do you update your OS?

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  1. I use Linux so I update my system whenever I am notified of available updates. Sometimes the updates are only for the apps and sometimes they update the O/S. With the level of sophistication of the black hats, anybody who does not apply updates to their system as soon as they are availbale, is a danger and a menace to all other computer users.

  2. Under Linux I update when needed for application based and kernel base stuff. If it is between releases as example. Going from ubuntu 12.04 to 14.04 long term releases then yes I will make the jump Other than that I will wait until there is a long term release to go to. Under Windows it will vary if I need to go that route. If it is for Business purposes it will get more scrutinized once there are already so many things to worry about and especially with legacy software

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