How Much Do You Trust the Cloud After Celebrity Nude Photos Stored in iCloud Were Hacked?

Many people were aghast recently when iCloud was hacked and nude photos of celebrities were leaked. Some people weren’t surprised at all. After the incident, how much do you trust the cloud?

There are those saying that these celebrities shouldn’t have even stored these photos in iCloud to begin with and that they got what was expected. Others are just as guilty for storing everything they can in the cloud without worry because it just makes everything so much easier. Of course, they may not fully understand how iCloud works in the first place. There was even a movie released this summer about a couple who accidentally stores a sex tape in the cloud when they don’t understand how the whole process works. But the truth is that the cloud isn’t necessarily private, so storing anything that is of a sensitive nature, whether personal or business, leaves you vulnerable. The recent scandal has shown that the system can easily be hacked. If it was done once, it can be done again.

Has this changed your opinion of the cloud? Will you still use it or will you steer clear of using it to store all your pictures and other possibly sensitive documents.

How much do you trust the cloud after celebrity nude photos stored in iCloud were hacked?

Image Credit: Lotte Grønkjær via Wikimedia Commons