How Many Email Addresses Do You Have? [Poll]

While it’s great that email systems such as Gmail exist that let you open up multiple accounts, sometimes it’s too easy to acquire multiple addresses. How about you? How many email addresses do you have?

There are so many reasons to have multiple email addresses. You can easily separate your personal and professional emails. Or you could have separate accounts for different businesses. Sometimes, as I know I have been known to do, you can create new email accounts when an old one has become too populated by junk mail. There are just many reasons to have more than one email address to call your own. Either you can spend your time checking your mail at each different address, or you can either forward all your email to one address or use an app that will collect from all of your addresses. Along with making it easy to create email addresses, technology has also made it easy to keep updated with those email addresses.

How many email addresses have you acquired? Do you have different ones for personal and professional and do you have different ones for different businesses? How many addresses do you have?

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  1. 1 main account at local internet provider
    3 inactive sub accounts at local internet provider
    1 Yahoo account for subscriptions and shit to keep main account clean
    1 Outlook account for the same, to be closed soon as outlook is rubbish
    1 new encrypted Protonmail account, to be main account soon

  2. 1 Gmail account that I have for the Play Store. I don’t actually use it for anything.

    1 Yahoo account that I have had for 16 years. This used to be my primary email, but for the past few years it’s been the address I use when I have to register for something.

    1 account with my ISP, which is the one I use for personal correspondence.

    1 account provided by my employer, used for professional correspondence.

    1 account with my former ISP, which for some reason is still active nearly 3 years on.

    Waitlisted for Protonmail.

    1. Tip: email Protomail tell them your submitted name and they will activate your account manually.

  3. I have maybe half a dozen ‘real’ email addresses but I also have well over 100 disposable addresses via Sneakemail and E4ward that are routed back to one of my normal addresses. These are a great way to see who is leaking your information and therefore who you can trust.

  4. about ten years ago you needed to create or got an email account on every page you wanted to sign in on.
    So I think I have about 100 addresses. Most of them (95%) never used

    I only have 4 addresses I use on a daily base

  5. i just createnew emails when im bored somehow it works and it acully gives something to do so when you have nothing else to do just go onto google and press add acount i create fifteen a day

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