How Do You Manage All Your Passwords? [Poll]

If you are using a simple password for all your accounts, then remembering that password is a simple task. However, if you are one of those who are concerned about your online security and use a unique password for each and every account, then remembering the long list of passwords become a tedious task.

We have covered several ways to help you better memorize your passwords, and also tools for you to manage your passwords. I am a fan of KeePass and LastPass, but I do have some friends who insist on using their photogenic memory to remember all the passwords.

In this week’s poll, we want to know how do you manage your library of passwords?

Here’s the results for last week poll:


While Google is still the king of search, only 51% of the people feel that the search result is relevant. A whopping 41% are unsatisfied with the search result, stating that they often can’t find the result they want in the first page of SERP (search engine result page). Hopefully, Google is taking note of this issue and can rectify it before the next better player come up and take over the market. 8% of the people stated that they are not a fan of Google, and most probably are already using another search engine. If that number continue to increase, it going to spell trouble for Google.

Image credit: password hell