How Big Is Your Monitor?

In today’s tech world, monitors come in many different sizes from a larger size that you would need for a desktop computer, to a smaller screen for a laptop to the smallest of screens on your tablets, cell phones, and even wearable devices. What we want to know today is how big is your monitor?

Monitor sizes run the gamut. Those that we attach to our desktop computers can be as small as seventeen inches or as large as thirty-two inches. Any of these sizes are large enough to do most of the tasks you want to accomplish. Perhaps you have a laptop, and in that case your monitor is anywhere from eleven to seventeen inches. If you go from a large desktop monitor to a laptop, it might seem small, but if you’re used to it, it can be big enough for most tasks. A tablet screen can be very limiting, but if convenience is what you’re after, it will suffice. The same goes for the screen on a cell phone. It’s the ultimate in convenience. Some are willing to sacrifice screen size for that convenience. Wearable devices are just too small for anything and are meant more for alerts.

What size do you prefer? Do you want the largest possible to be able to see everything really well or would you rather go for the convenience of a portable laptop, tablet, or cell phone? How big is your monitor?

Image Credit: Blake Patterson via Wikimedia Commons

Laura Tucker Laura Tucker

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  1. Considering the low cost of monitors, it’s a crime how many companies are still using 15″ monitors, even if they allow dual screens. I just checked New Egg and a decent 23″ widescreen is about $140. I’m not talking about a high-end monitor and it might not have HDMI but this is for work only – spreadsheets, email, etc. It wouldn’t be a hard argument to say that dual 23″ monitors would make me more productive enough to easily offset the $280 cost, probably in a very short time. But companies exist to make a profit and it’s hard to justify replacing working monitors. New users at our company do get a Dell 23″ widescreen (we pay $120) but existing users don’t get a new monitor when their PC is replaced.

    I have a 27″ iMac at home and I absolutely love it but I’m not sure if I’ll replace it when it dies. $2500+ is a crazy amount of money and I use my laptop more and more each year. I will probably just invest in a docking station and a large (cheap) monitor.

  2. I prefer a portable laptop, so mine’s a 13.3 incher, while my last two laptops were 11.6″. I haven’t had a desktop since 2007, and it had a 19″ flatpanel monitor (AOC, I gave it to my sister and it’s still running, no dead pixels!).

  3. I have running a 28″ HMDI monitor and find I could use a 2nd one. My laptops are all 17″ and very workable. The 28″ monitor is great for photo editing, Visio and project management.

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