How Apple Helps Shape the New Era For Education

Apple has made a lot of products that helps individuals in their everyday lives. The products range from easy computing, to calling, and listening to your favorite tunes. However, one large impact that is well known from Apple is their impact on education. More and more schools are beginning to implement Apple products into their curriculum. Students at home use Macs to create in-depth research reports and creative presentations. Today, we’ll take a look at exactly how Apple can help you with education. The effect reaches all individuals, whether you’re a teacher, student, or parent.

Save a Tree


One of the largest advantages to any use of technology in education is the effect on the environment. The ability to reduce the book load and having a nice technological alternative to note taking can make education cheaper and more retroactive. On the subject of note taking, there are a multitude of applications available for easy and digital note taking (look in “iTunes for Education” for apps). When compared to standard notes, digital ones allow you to add more annotations, audio notes, and more. Missed a class? Getting the right notes for that day is much easier and productive. When focusing on notebooks, the iTunes store and iBooks offer tons of textbooks and supplements for various subjects.

Sparking Creativity


If or when you were a student, what was the first thing that came to mind for you to do? For most students, making a podcast or iMovie aren’t the first things that come to mind. However, Mac users and Apple users in general have readily available programs allowing them to go above and beyond what is required.  These programs are so easy to use that everyone from your four-year-old child to your 18-year-old college student will get the programs in no time. In addition, software like Microsoft Office for Mac can allow you to create beautiful posters, flyers, and programs.

Learning on the Go

Any student knows that learning doesn’t stop in the classroom. The average student is more vulnerable in their learning outside of school than in. In school, there are teachers and professors available to monitor and assess the student’s learning. However, at home, it’s up to the student how much or little they learn. This gives the student the opportunity to shape how they learn into more creative ways. The iPhone and iPod Touch offers you the ability to use a ton of educational and brain stimulating applications while at home and on the road. In addition, the iPad allows you to have a great mobile computing alterative and note-taking partner.

iTunes for Education


The main aspect that makes Apple a leader in modern education is the iTunes store. ITunes and the App Store reveal a whole new world of tools that can help in education. The iTunes store is more than just a place to purchase the latest hits; the store is abundant with very useful podcasts and college level lectures. You can watch lectures from the best of the best, including MIT, Yale, and more. The lessons and lectures available are all apart of the section of iTunes known as iTunes U. iTunes U podcasts update regularly on your iDevice, allowing you to easily follow the lesson. Who says you have to be in school to take advantage of this resource? For example, iTunes U can be the perfect language tutor before going on your next trip overseas. Below, we have listed some of the best education friendly programs for Mac/iDevices.

Oxford American Dictionary for iOS

The same famous dictionary is now available everywhere you go. The Oxford American Dictionary includes over a quarter of a million definitions that are continually updated when new words appear. The dictionary doesn’t require Internet, which means you can get definitions while on the go. Each word comes with audio and pronunciation.

Bamboo Paper for iPad

When creating digital notes, you are handed two options. The notes will either be scanned or typed. There are very few opportunities for creativity, until now. Bamboo Paper for iPad allows individuals to create their own digitally drawn notes, using various “ink” and “pen” variations. Notes can be shared by email and printed with AirPrint.

iStudiez Pro for iOS

iStudiez Pro offers individuals with the ability to have their school and home life coexist. The application allows you to view upcoming assignments and events on the calendar, with iCal support. You can also keep track of your classes and schedules with the GPA integration. iStudiez Pro makes school manageable.

Graphing Calculator for iPhone

Most individuals don’t walk around with their graphing calculators in toe, we won’t judge if you do. When you have that situation when you are in need of a graphing calculator that isn’t near, your iPhone is here to help. The Graphing Calculator allows you to get more substance in your calculating needs that the iPhone’s native scientific calculator doesn’t offer.

No Fear: Sparknotes for iOS

Sparknotes is a household name for many teenagers needing a modern interpretation to plays and stories including Macbeth and Scarlet Letter. No Fear Shakespeare is the iPhone’s only Sparknotes application. The application offers you with the best Shakespeare play available on Sparknotes. It is important to note that each one of the Shakespeare plays are $0.99 each; all 18 plays are available for $4.99. This isn’t mentioned directly on iTunes, but they are charged as in-app purchases.



As you can see, Apple devices offer a refreshing break from the normal routine of being a student or educator. The programs and opportunities offered to students with Apple products are endless. The creativity bone of any individual is strengthened with Macs, with programs like iMovie, Garage Band, and iPhoto. The iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone allow students to want to study more, with programs in iTunes and the App Store that make studying fun. You can also look at note taking in a new light with various applications that add more substance to class notes. The opportunities don’t stop here; comment below on how Apple has helped you with learning.

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