How and Where to Report Abuse on Facebook

Everyone knows if you don’t appreciate being contacted by someone on Facebook, you can either unfriend them or block them. But sometimes, just blocking them or taking them off your friends list isn’t enough. Occasionally, other Facebook users do something so offensive it requires more than being blocked. It can be so bad that you want to make sure Facebook is aware of the situation, as if it’s against their terms of service, they can remove the person so that they can’t ever do anything like that again to you or anyone else.

If you are in such a situation, here are the steps to get the matter to Facebook.


If this person that you are going to report is in your friend list, the first thing is to unfriend and block the person. You can change the Friend status as well as block someone in the upper right corner on the older style Facebook page and underneath the Cover Photo on the timeline style of Facebook. Blocking someone will prevent them from seeing your updates, and it will also prevent you from seeing theirs. They will not be able to contact you again unless you change the status. You can also adjust your privacy settings to adjust whether just your friends, friends of friends, or the general public will be able to see your content in the menu in the upper right of the screen by clicking on the small arrow.


Facebook has a very definitive list of the Terms of Service that they expect their users to abide by. They also have a list of Community Standards that they expect their community will abide by.


The Help Menu has a list of links to help you find the appropriate place to report the abuse. It’s not necessary to use the links in the help menu. Links to report abuse or flag content are across the site in every different area they are needed. Many times the Report link is found in the menus identified by a gear symbol. On Photos, the link is visible in the menu itself. In the case of identifying an impostor account, click on the Report/Block link, and click the option to “Report this Profile.” This ¬†brings up a list of options for reasons for reporting the profile, such as spam or bullying. It also has options that indicate the person is pretending to be you, someone you know, or a celebrity.

Facebook does not guarantee that the offending material will be removed. They do promise they will look into your report and investigate it for possible abuse. If they deem the content in violation of the terms, they will remove it, and in some cases, the person responsible will be held to legal action. The person reported will not be told the name of the person who reported them.

How do you deal with abuse in Facebook?