Hone Your Typing Skills With The Typing Karaoke Game

If you like writing as I  do, and use a computer primarily for writing, you must always be looking at ways to increase your typing speed. Even if you’re not into writing as a hobby, but only use computers to get your work done, increasing your typing speed can only help to get your work done faster.

Here on MTE, we’ve featured various tools to help you type faster and get better with more practice. But, the problem with almost all such tools is that they’re usually not very interactive. They make the process of learning to type faster seem like a chore. What that means is that the user is presented with some random bits of text and asked to type that text in a box. That might work for some, but frankly, I find that pretty boring.

Typing Karaoke addresses just that problem.

As the name suggests, Typing Karaoke combines the game of Karaoke with typing and helps you hone your typing skills.

When you first load the site, you’re presented with a list of ten songs to choose from. As far as I could tell, the songs are not in any particular order of difficulty but are randomly laid out. I started with the first song which was Jason Mraz’s I won’t give up.

karaoke typing: Jason Mraz's I won't give up

As soon as you click the song name, the song starts playing and you will be shown two lines from the song as an Intro. The intro lasts till the initial lead and then the actual words start. The lead also helps to prepare the user before the action begins.

Once the words start, though, there really is no way to stop the music or choose a different song, this may be by design or a fault in the user interface, either way you have to complete the game till the song finishes. You are shown the current line and the next line from the song and you have to type  in the words. As you keep typing the correct letters, they turn green on the screen indicating a match. Since, we’re typing lyrics from songs, each line has to be completed before time runs out, which means before the artist finishes singing that line.

Karaoke Typing: Type as you sing.

Each song is between 1-2 minutes, probably because of copyright issues but, frankly, I’m already addicted to Karaoke Typing. I’m not really a fan of the old school 8 bit ASCII art design of the site, but the premise of the game works pretty well. Karaoke Typing has been developed in flash and I’d really prefer a standalone game with more gaming elements thrown in.

The only problem I see is that this is not a game for learning typing. Instead, it works best for people who want to practice typing faster than they usually do. Because of the choice of songs, most people will not be able to keep up with the pace. You might be able to handle Jason Mraz, but LMFAO is a totally different ballgame. Pros only.

I’ve spent a lot of time playing Karaoke Typing and have had a lot of fun with it. I wish it came with more songs but even in it’s current avatar, it’s a fun game that you guys should take a look at.

Typing Karaoke

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  1. Score 2583 at “Skinny Love.” I think that’s good… I think. In any case, I did a lot better at that song than at “Call Me Maybe.”

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