Holiline Reminder: Easily Set up Reminders for Important Events

Holiline Reminder is a useful freeware app for Windows that allows users to set up reminders and remember important life events from a simple and easy to use interface.


After installation, all you have to do is run the application and it will display a message in your system’s taskbar. This message will ask you to right click on it. When you do so, it will display the option of Holiline Reminder. You will then be able to access the settings of the application, request a feature, report a bug, or see more about the application. Selecting “Event editor” from the menu will show the calendar. You can click on any date to add an event.


In the settings window, you can then add details to the event. For example, if you have selected “Birthday”, you can specify whose birthday it is, what their age will be, when you want the application to remind you, and more.


In the list view, you can view all the events that you have added.



  • Allows you to add reminders for important events
  • Provides appropriate templates for various events
  • Unobstructive reminder in the Windows taskbar

Rating: 3.5/5

Price: Free

Download: Holiline Reminder

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