Holiday Gift Guide for the Techno Geeks [iPad]

If you’re wondering what to get your favorite techo geek for the holidays this year, look no further than than The Daily Gadget Guide. It can provide some great one-stop shopping, eliminating the hassles. It has products from the ultra-cheap to the fantastically expensive, and looks great to boot.

The Daily explains this gift guide as an old-fashioned idea for the tablet era. They couldn’t be more right. Gift Guides have been published for every different genre of gifts, and for every different holiday, so why not modernize this idea with the ultimate in technology? With this iPad app, they carried out the idea of marrying these two ideas into the design, one that they call “retro-futuristic.”


The app organizes the many cool gadgets into categories such as Mobile, Household, Apps & Games, etc. There are so many products hidden within the pages of each category that it’s easy for anyone, technologically savvy or not, to become lost.


After reading a smartly-worded quick intro of each category or sub-category, groups of items are organized together in attractive pictures. A tap reveals the item names. A swipe down reveals individual pages of each item.


The individual product pages are full of interesting and helpful information. The products are pictured in a large view, two of the better highlights of the item are displayed in the sidebar, and options are included to share the information by email, or to purchase the item. Shown on the bottom are two related products that are for sale at the same retail outlet. The best part of the product pages are product descriptions that have been creatively written up. Who would have ever known that they have flash drives disguised as Star Wars characters?


Clicking on the option to buy the item takes you directly to the seller’s website where you can find the item and many other tech products. For instance, one featured item is a Star Wars character flash drive. You’ll buy the item directly from the seller, just as if you chanced upon it from Google all on your own, instead of being shown the way by The Daily Gadget Guide.


Finding the Star Wars flashdrive hard to believe? What about a device with a hand crank that allows you to plug in your phone when it dies so that you can continue to get power to your device as long as you keep cranking? It must be part of that retro-future. You can let everyone else know exactly what you think of it by signing up for a free account with the Gadget Guide and posting comments on the articles.


There’s one last bit of fun to be had with this app. Intermixed between product reviews are short essays about some previous predictions on what the future would bring, predictions that never seemed to materialize, such as flying cars. It seems The Jetsons weren’t the first ones to think about it.

Laura Tucker Laura Tucker

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