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Video converters are everywhere, making it difficult to choose between them. If a converter has some features which set it apart from the others, then perhaps that it will make it easier to choose. HitPaw Video Converter works across macOS and Windows and does many useful things. It has a superbly easy and intuitive interface, making it more than worthwhile of a second look if you frequently do video conversion for work or pleasure and don’t have high-end tools to do that. Let’s take a look at what Hitpaw has to offer and see if it might suit your needs.

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Introducing the HitPaw Video Converter

The HitPaw Video Converter is an easy, intuitive and comprehensive drag-and-drop video converter tool. After downloading either the macOS or Windows version from the website and choosing a payment plan (there is also a trial version), you then choose between convert, download and editing via tabs along the top of the interface.

Hitpaw Video Converter Main

The conversion tab lets you drag and drop a video file onto the app and choose to convert to over 500 video formats and 300 audio formats. You can also choose to convert to formats suitable for a range of devices – iPhone, Android, HTC Google etc. – using specific videos and sound codecs or a variety of social media platforms, which have specific needs as far as codecs and dimensions are concerned.

Hitpaw Video Converter Formats

The downloading tab enables you to download videos from a variety of online video platforms to enable offline viewing. Finally, there is a simple but very useful editing function, enabling you to cut and merge video files to make compilations of files for social media or family and friends.

Hitpaw Video Converter Download

The software works with CPU power, but if you have a GPU, it can use it for a burst of still more speed. The HitPaw Video Converter is optimized to convert up to 60 times faster than normally possible speeds. Even the basic CPU-based converters run at up to 10 times faster than normal converters, according to Hitpaw.

Hitpaw Video Converter Gpu

Total Conversion

I really like how easy and clean the HitPaw Video Conveter interface is. You have basically three tabs for the various features and click one, drop a video on it, then choose a conversion type. Alternatively, you can cut and paste a URL into the downloader. Once you have your video files in the app (some of which could be combined by the editor tab) you can convert and upload it to your target service.

Hitpaw Video Converter Load

Basic converting is easy; just drop the video onto the HitPaw Video Converter, and the video file will load into the app. If you don’t want to risk dropping a file (mice buttons can be finicky after all), you can also just add files with the “Add Files” drop-down.

Also, as you drop more and more files onto the converter, it basically treats each video as a batch job, so you can convert multiple videos just by dropping more than one video onto the interface. It couldn’t be simpler than that.

Once loaded, you can see the type of video it is and the file type of the currently-selected conversion. Click on the converter drop-down on the right side of the settings to choose from the 500 different types of files you can convert to.

Hitpaw Video Converter Mediainfo

To get a summary of the video information, length, codec, dimensions, etc., right-click the video. You’ll get all that information in an easy-to-read panel. Copy that information if you need to paste it anywhere, like in a report or an email.

Hitpaw Video Converter Metadata

Another useful bit is clicking the second icon next to the name. Doing so allows you to edit the metadata. This is useful if you load your converted videos into a media player of some kind. It ensures accurate descriptions, titles, dates, etc.

Hitpaw Video Converter Edit

Editing is easy too. Just drag and drop your source videos into the editing tab to export them. If you remember to click the merge tickbox before the drop, they will be converted and merged as one video. If you click the “Cut” button before saving, you can choose the trim of each video first to get a more precise cut.

Hitpaw Video Converter Edit2

Say for example you are cutting a couple of screen captures and want to cut out the part where you start and stop the capture software. It would be quite useful for that: just a bit of quick trimming without the need for a full editing program.

Hitpaw Video Converter Edit3

Final Cut

Overall, I really like the HitPaw Video Converter. It’s very easy to use and seems powerful and fast. It certainly contains a lot of useful codecs I use on a regular basis, like MOV, AVI XVID and OGG. Being able to consolidate a variety of different video formats from a lot of different sources, like Wikimedia, which uses Ogg Vorbis or OGV, to something more useful is a boon.

The HitPaw Video Converter is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop video tool and is priced as follows: for a monthly subscription you pay $19.95. If you think you’ll use it more than twice, you can get an annual subscription for $39.95. If the whole subscription thing leaves you cold, then buy it outright for $69.95. The software is pretty good at what it does making it a fair price.

Phil South
Phil South

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