How to Hinder System Upgrades in Windows 10

How To Hinder Upgrades To Windows 10

In Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 Microsoft gave users the options of controlling when and if the users wanted to get an update. But this is something that has changed in Windows 10, at least in the Home Edition. It looks like Microsoft doesn’t want any more at-risk computers out there, but it should be up to the user whether they want their PC upgraded or not. Users should not be forced to get something they don’t want to try, and hopefully Microsoft will change that soon.

Microsoft said that users will have access to the latest updates in Windows Update and that only Windows 10 Pro, Education, and Enterprise will have the option of delaying these updates. Home Edition users will have no control over if and when they receive these upgrades. This is something that many users don’t like since Microsoft is taking away the control they once had, and some users don’t want these updates because it might come with features that are still buggy. The users doesn’t want to deal with that. Many will want to wait until those bugs are fixed so that they will not have to deal with the problems and headaches they usually bring, and some users are happy with what they currently have and want to keep things as is.

Enable Metered Connection

Some users have even opted to enable the Metered Connection feature that can also be found in Windows 10 Home Edition. With this feature you can tell Microsoft that your Internet connection is limited in some way, and the tech giant will or should wait while you have this on. To turn this feature on go to “Start Menu -> Change WiFi Settings -> Advance Options -> Metered Connection.”


There is one downside to this, and it’s that the feature will only work if your W10 computer is on WiFi. Only Microsoft knows why they don’t let you indicate that you have a metered connection through Ethernet. Hopefully, Microsoft will change that in the near future.

When a user delays these updates, they are deferred for several months, but Microsoft does not specify the exact amount of months. Sooner or later these updates are going to be installed since you can’t delay them forever, but at least when you get them, they will not have as many problems as when they first came out. But what about security updates? Don’t worry, by delaying upgrades security updates are not affected, so you’re good. Microsoft made that perfectly clear.

Deferring Upgrade

If you are one of the lucky Windows 10 users that can delay updates, then you need to go to “Update & Security -> Windows Update -> Advanced Options.” Right above “View your update history,” you will see “Defer upgrades.” Click on that to enable it.




There is not doubt that Windows 10 is much better than Windows 8, but there are still some things it needs to change, such as being able to decide if Home Edition users want to receive upgrades at a certain time. Do you like getting updates when Microsoft releases them or would you rather wait? Let us know in the comments.

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