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YouTube is the place where you can find any video you want. Just use the search bar, and videos get displayed as per your requirement. Apart from the video, there are also many unnecessary comments (or spam). These comments do not add any value to the video and sometimes can cause disturbance. YouTube does not come with any means to hide the comment, but if you are a Google Chrome or Firefox user, the Hide Fedora extension allows you to hide unnecessary comments in YouTube.

The Hide Fedora extension is available for both Google Chrome and Firefox.


Note: the usage instruction below is based on Google Chrome.

Hide Fedora allows you to hide the comments or replace them with cat (yes, the one that meows), based on your specifications. It also allows you to block certain users who are posting those useless comments so that you never see their comments again on YouTube.

You can even ban certain words or phrases as long as you want. It also has the feature of banning users to post YouTube comments further, and it maintains the global list of banned users.

Hide Fedora Extension for Google Chrome

Once installation is done, type chrome://extensions/ in the address bar and hit Enter to see the list of installed extensions. Go to the “Hide Fedora” extension and click on “Options” to open the Hide Fedora Options.

Hide Fedora_Hide Unnecessary YouTube Comments

There are three tabs: Options, Banned Profiles and Banned Words. In order to hide the unnecessary comments, use the “Options” tab. Choose the option “Replace fedora with a cat” from the “Fedora removal method” dropdown. Visit the YouTube, and if you find any unnecessary or useless comments, hover the mouse over that comment. It shows you the “HF” icon. Click on it to replace that comment with a cat. 

Replace Useless YouTube Comments

Instead of manually selecting the comment to hide, you can specify certain words or phrases to trigger the replacement. Move to the “Banned Words” tab and add the word or phrase which you want to ban.

Hide Fedora Options

Existing YouTube comments matching those banned words or phrases will be replaced with the cat. You can remove those words from the ban list at anytime. You can even ban users which are seen under the “Banned Profiles” tab but is not used by many as our main aim is to hide useless comments on YouTube.


Hide Fedora allows you to hide specific comments or comments matching certain words and phrases. From then on, you can focus on the constructive comments.

Give it a try and let us know your experience. If you have anything to add, please do share with us in the comments below.

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