How to Hide Pictures and Videos on Your Android Device

How to Hide Pictures and Videos on Your Android Device

Besides using our Android smartphones for making calls and using social networks, we also use our devices to take pictures and record videos. Videos and pictures have many ways of ending up in our devices, whether they have been downloaded from the web, sent to us through social networks or captured on our devices.

On some occasions we may have videos and pictures we don’t want just anyone to see that make us think twice when someone asks us to use our phone fearing that they may wander into our phone’s gallery and see what they shouldn’t. If you have photos and videos you don’t want just anyone to see, you might want to consider using KeepSafe Vault to hide videos and pictures.

Hide Pictures – KeepSafe Vault


Hide Pictures – KeepSafe Vault is an app that will keep those private pictures nice and safe. When you first launch the app it will ask you if you want to create an account or sign in with a particular email address. It will also ask you to create a pin (that you’re obviously not supposed to give out) to keep your videos and pictures safe.

KeepSafe Folders

Once you’re inside the app you will notice that the app has already set up a few albums for you such as Main Album, Documents, Health and Fitness, Cards and IDs. Once you have uploaded a few pics or videos, it will automatically add a trash folder. It is good to see that it added the folder on its own, just in case you ever regret deleting anything. If you want to create a folder, tap on the blue circle with the white cross and select Add album.


In the Documents folder you can safely add pictures of sensitive documents whose information you always need access to. In the Health and Fitness folder you can keep track of your progress of that flat tummy you’ve always wanted (I gave up a long time ago, but I’m almost there), and in Cards and IDs you can keep pictures of things such as credit cards, IDs, insurance, and passports.

Each folder will also tell you how many pictures and videos you have. You can see the exact number at the very top.


How to Hide Certain Pictures and Videos

Adding photos and videos to a particular folder is very easy. Just tap on the blue circle, and you will see two options:  import from gallery and take a photo. Since you are importing that image, whoever tried to take an unauthorized look at your gallery won’t be able to see those images.

Other Great KeepSafe Features

KeepSafe is full of useful features such as being able to send temporary pictures right from the app in a secure way. When I say temporary, I mean that the person receiving the picture has twenty seconds to see the picture. Something like the SnapChat feature is built into the app.


KeepSafe has a very simple and easy to use interface that is great for beginners. It also features picture rotation and zoom, allows you to send encrypted pictures and videos, and works great on phones and tablets. The list of features doesn’t end there since it also lets you zoom in on your pictures, personally name all your albums and also has a slideshow function.

I downloaded the free app, but while using the app, I pressed the Back button, and all of a sudden I got a message saying that I activated the premium function that I can use for thirty days, something I am going to take advantage of.


If you want to keep your videos and pictures safe from those who might ask you if they can use your phone, KeepSafe is a great option. How do you keep your pictures and videos safe? Let us know in the comments.

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