Snippet: How to Hide Menu Bar and Status Bar in VirtualBox

For regular users of Virtualbox, you will notice that whenever you run your VM, there will be the menu bar and status bar that prevent you from running at the maximum resolution (other than seamless mode). This can be a frustrating thing, especially when you are running your VM on a netbook, where every inches of screen space are precious.

Well, with a simple hack, you can actually switch off the menu bar and status bar and get your VM to run in the maximum resolution.


Run the following command in your terminal (or command prompt):


Start your VM. The Menu bar and the Status bar should be gone now.

To retrieve back your menu bar and status bar, run the command:

While the menu bar is gone, you might want to learn some Virtualbox keyboard shortcuts to quickly access the menu options.

Bring up the menu options – Host + HOME


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  1. Host + Home… life saver. I accidentally deleted my menu and status bars and couldn’t, for the life of me, figure out how to get access to those damn menus! setextradata wasn’t working for me for some reason!

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