How to Hide Files and Folders on your Android Device

These days, everyone seems to be concerned about the privacy of their content. Be it your duckface picture or your pictures with your girlfriend, you might want to hide them from others who have access to your device. There are thousands of ways you can hide content on your device and make it inaccessible to others. It is a good idea to keep your private content away from those who you do not want to share with. If you have got an Android smartphone or tablet, the guide below should help you hide content on it.

Since Android does not have an inbuilt option to hide content, you are going to use a third-party app called File Hide Expert. The app allows users to hide and unhide content on their devices and fortunately, it doesn’t cost a penny.

1. Install the File Hide Expert app from the Google Play.


2. The first time you open the app, it will show you a message saying that the file list is empty. To add a folder or a file for hiding, simply tap on the little folder icon available in the top-right corner.


3. On the next screen, you will be able to see all of your files and folders. To add a file or a folder to the list, simply tap on the plus sign given next to the item name and it should be added to the list.


4. Once you have added your items to the list, they will show-up on the main screen. Now hit the button that says “Hide All” and all of your selected files will be hidden.


Tada! Your selected files have been hidden and they will no longer appear in your regular File Managers.

Unhiding Files on your Android Device:

If you want to unhide a file that you have hidden with File Hide Expert, you can do so by just following a couple of steps mentioned below.

Open the app on your device and then tap on the button that says “Unhide All”. It will unhide all the files that exist in the list and they should be available in File Managers for you to access.

Setting up a Password for your Hidden Files:

If you think anyone with a bit of technical knowledge would be able to access your hidden files, setting up a password will let you prevent that.

To set up a password,

1. Launch the app on your device and press “Menu” and then tap on “Settings”.


2. Tap on the first option that says “Enable Password”.


3. Then tap on the second option that says “Change Password” and enter the password of your choice. Once entered, hit “OK”.


You are done. The next time you launch the app, it will ask you for your password and it will only let you in if you enter the correct password.


Privacy has always been a concern for most of the smartphone users and the apps like File Hide Expert help them hide what they do not want to share with the world. This keeps your content available only to you and the ones you trust.


  1. Thank you for this post. I am a new user of Note 3 and always wanted to have this.

    Hitesh K

    1. Hello Hitesh,

      Great! We’re glad we could help you!


  2. If you just want to hide files (e.g. pictures, videos from the gallery) and not set up passwords, android does have a built-in mechanism for that. Just create an empty file called .nomedia in a folder and tada! none of its contents will appear in apps. Of course, anyone with a file explorer will still be able to get there, but they’ll have to know where to look. Additionally, some apps like QuickPic can help streamline the process for photos and videos.

  3. i had hidden some files using file hide expert, and copied all my files(including .hermit folder) to my PC and upgraded my android os. now i want to see my hidden files so i copied .hermit to my new phone but file hide expert didnt showing my previous hidden files. plzz help me …
    how to get those previously hidden files????

  4. I guess that Hide It Pro is better, it not only is masked as an Audio Manager app, it also can hide videos, pictures, files, apps. That’s really good.

  5. I have installed file hide expert to hide my files on my phone and i have hide mostly all my i have changed new memory card so when i m inserting the old memory card and i am unhiding my files . Its not getting done my gallery is not showing the files.

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