How to Hide Calls and Texts from Specific Contacts on Android

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Do you have specific Android phone contacts whose incoming alerts you’d like to keep private? Sometimes unwanted texts and calls show up and you’d rather screen such calls and keep the user conversations a secret. The following apps will successfully hide your calls and SMS logs on Android from specific contacts. Similarly, we cover how to block the text from chosen contacts on WhatsApp.

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Hide Calls and SMS on Android from Specific Contacts

There are plenty of Android apps that hide your calls and SMS history. But if you want this feature for just a few specific contacts, we recommend Calculator Pro+, which helps save SMS/MMS/call logs behind a typical calculator screen.

The app's calculator icon works as a perfect disguise for private messages, ensuring no one can access your SMS messages and call records without a PIN. Calculator Pro+ has very few ads and even the free version does a decent job. Let's learn how to use the app to hide calls and messages from one person or more.

  1. Download the app from Play Store and launch it.
  2. Skip through the introductory screens by tapping "Next" (or "Finish" if applicable).
Hide Text Calls Calculator Pro Private Sms Box
  1. Click "Got it" to enable the app's access to phone contacts and storage. This step is mandatory. You will be quickly guided through each step.
Hide Text Calls Calculator Pro Permission Request Contacts
  1. Enter a four-digit pin to hide calls and SMS logs for specific contacts behind the calculator screen. Make sure to write down the PIN number. In case you forget the PIN, you will have to uninstall the app and start all over again.
Hide Text Calls Calculator Pro Pin Access Restrictions
  1. Accept the privacy policy and confirm your phone number on the device through a one-time password.
Hide Text Calls Calculator Pro Phone Number Verified
  1. On the Message box screen that shows up, click on the "add contact" icon at the bottom right and select the contacts whose calls and messages you want to screen. If prompted to install a related app called "AdvanceSMS," go ahead. This app is required to monitor your SMS messages for screening.
Hide Text Calls Calculator Pro Add Contact Start Chat

After you finish adding a contact, you will receive an alert that all texts belonging to the contact have been moved to a private database. Actually, this transfer also includes call logs related to the contact.

Hide Text Calls Calculator Pro Contact Sms Moved Private

Calculator Pro+ has some advanced features, such as a virtual phone number purchase (in the Pro version), dark themes, and an advanced setting where you can hide the app itself from your phone's app menu. Once you've hidden the app, access it from any mobile browser with this link or using the app's widget on your phone. Lastly, you can have a customized notification enabled for each contact so that you know it's from them.

Hide Text Calls Calculator Pro Advanced Features

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Hiding WhatsApp Texts on Android from Specific Contacts

Many people use WhatsApp as an alternative to SMS messaging. To block texts and calls on WhatsApp for specific contacts, you need to download an app called Chat Locker for WhatsApp from Google Play Store.

  1. Launch Chat Locker and set up a passcode. You can also use a fingerprint locker from the app's Settings.
Hide Text Calls Chat Locker For Whatsapp Homescreen
  1. Go to the "Accessibility" option in your phone's Settings and give the app permission to access WhatsApp chats/groups. The location of the permission settings might vary based on the model of your Android phone.
Hide Text Calls Chat Locker For Whatsapp Accessibility Permissions
  1. Now go to the WhatsApp Chat Locker homescreen and click the "+" sign to add WhatsApp contacts. Make sure the Accessibility permissions remain enabled. Sometimes they get disabled on their own and you may have to reenable them.
Hide Text Calls Chat Locker For Whatsapp Add Permissions Contacts
  1. Select the WhatsApp contact or group you want to screen from snooping eyes. After adding, you can see the contact in the chat locker app homescreen.

Once done, any WhatsApp texts and calls from this contact are no longer visible without reentering the passcode.

Hide Text Calls Chat Locker For Whatsapp Hide Messages

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I hide a specific app on my Android phone?

Yes, you can. It's a good idea to ensure that any private apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Skype, Gallery, Gmail, and Settings, and even Calculator Pro+ remain invisible to snooping eyes. AppLock is one of the best apps to achieve this extra layer of privacy.

2. Can I hide my phone number from recipients when calling them?

It is possible to hide your phone number from the Caller ID when calling strangers if you don't want them to know your phone number.

For example, if you're in North America, add *67 at the beginning of the number to show up as Unknown or Anonymous. (This doesn't work with toll-free or emergency numbers, and neither does it affect family and friends as they're saved contacts.) Other countries and regions have their own prefixes for hiding your phone number. Check with the local carrier to know more.

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As an alternative, install Hiya to disguise your caller ID on Android. It also hides text messages from certain numbers. You can also use a burner phone for greater privacy.

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