How to Hide Your Android Apps from Snooping Eyes

Do you feel uncomfortable with the idea of random people being able to snoop on your phone screen? Then you should learn how to hide apps in their presence. Disabling lock-screen notifications and adding a device password are recommended options. However, as a step further, hiding the very existence of selected apps on an Android phone will guarantee complete privacy.

There are many applications whose data you may want to keep from others' sight. These can include chat messengers, VoIP services, dating apps, Tor and Onion browsers, VPNs, private email services, Google Photos, betting services, and banking apps. What you really need is a method to banish your private apps at the flick of a finger and restore them just as quickly afterwards.

Private Apps Android to be hidden

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Present Method to Hide Apps on Android

Currently, the default way to protect the existence of Android apps is to "disable" them and "enable" them once again later on. This method can prove to be tedious when you have a large number of apps to hide. First, you will have to disable each and every app individually and later enable them all one by one.

Now imagine several times daily running into the same people you wanted to hide your phone details from. In addition, "disabling" an app will erase all its data and updates, so you have to set it up all over again after you "re-enable" it.

Clearly, a quicker method is needed to make the apps invisible at will.

Hide Apps with Launchers

Downloading an Android launcher with a "hidden apps" option is the best way to go about hiding your private apps. Apex Launcher is one of these apps and can help you smoothly achieve the task. The launcher is also visually stunning to look at in terms of wallpaper and other features.


After downloading the app and a quick installation, you should be able to see "Apex Settings" on the homescreen. Once inside, you will have to set Apex as the default launcher to hide your apps. You can always toggle between your favorite launcher and Apex by selecting the launcher from "Default App" in "Settings." You can also use the app drawer feature to hide all the apps in one place.


Once inside Apex, you can either choose to create a new "folder" to store your secret apps or select the "Hidden Apps" option. After you choose hidden apps, the next screen will contain a complete list of apps installed on your phone. Simply hide apps by choosing them one by one.


The secret apps have now been successfully hidden and should remain invisible on your phone's homescreen. To view them again temporarily, simply unhide them.

Android Apps Successfully Hidden with Apex Launcher

Nova Launcher is another launcher app that allows you to hide apps successfully. The mechanism to hide the unwanted apps remains the same. However, unlike the previous option, the hiding feature does not come free. You will have to opt for a Prime subscription.


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Don't Fancy Changing your Launcher? Hide Apps with AppLock

If you do not wish to change your default app launcher, you can still hide your apps from peering eyes - with the help of another app. AppLock offers a free and easy mechanism to protect your apps with various options that include passwords, patterns and fingerprint locks. It can also help you hide pictures and videos.

Hide Apps on Android with AppLock

After the download, first choose your password or pattern. Do remember it, otherwise you will have to delete AppLock and install it again to access other apps.


Apart from user apps, you can also lock system apps including the browser and camera. These are really useful features if you have a child at home who keeps borrowing your phone.



Do you see your smartphone as an extension of your personality? Then maybe there are things about the device that you'd rather keep to yourself. By using an appropriate launcher or hiding app, you can assure yourself of greater privacy in any situation.

What other methods have you used to hide apps on your Android device?

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