How to Hide “Accept Cookies” Messages from Websites

Thanks to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018, websites now have to be upfront with how they store and use your data. It may get annoying after a while answering every cookie permission sent from a website you are trying to view.

If you are not sure of what these cookie permissions are, they may read something like this: “We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and to show you relevant advertising. To find out more, read our privacy policy and our cookie policy.” This message usually comes with an option to click OK.

If you feel this is becoming a nuisance, you can hide the messages. In this article we walk you through the process of hiding the messages.

Hiding all accept cookie messages

The “I don’t care about cookies” extension available for Firefox and Chrome is one sure way to hide all cookie messages. As soon as this extension is installed on your browser, all messages to accept cookies will be hidden from you.


This extension will hide cookies but will not automatically accept them. What this implies is that if you visit a website that needs cookies to be saved, you should not expect it to work normally unless you have physically made an effort to accept cookies.

Once you have installed this extension, an icon appears at the top of your browser.


Clicking on this icon reveals a set of options needed for working with the extension. “Options” allows you to work with whitelisted websites in bulk. In the text area provided you will be able to add websites to your whitelist – one per line. It is important to whitelist websites you frequent and trust. This way once you open up the websites, you automatically accept the cookie permissions.


This extension will not work once you are in incognito mode unless you enable it from the extensions page in Chrome. This is because by default Chrome restricts extensions from running in a private browsing Window. This restriction, however, only applies to Chrome, as Firefox will permit this extension to run in a private browser by default.


Using the I Don’t Care About Cookies extension is great when you are working with either Firefox or Chrome. An option to consider if you prefer other browsers is to use an ad blocker extension. Even though this may be a long shot, if you are able to find an extension that has enough sophistication, it may just be capable of blocking Accept Cookie messages on websites that you visit.

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