5 Hidden iPhone Features that Improve Productivity

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Every new upgrade of iOS comes with new hidden iPhone features. However, not all of us have the time to read through what the updates offer when we click that Upgrade feature. Due to that, it is quite easy to disregard the capabilities of built-in iPhone apps and look for third-party apps that offer the same solution.

But maybe that does not have to be a problem anymore. Instead of having you go through the trouble of studying each built-in app on your phone, we listed some of them below.

1. Scan and sign documents on Notes

One of the main updates of iOS 11 was the implementation of document-scanning and signature-adding into the Notes app. So, instead of downloading a third-party app and perhaps paying to get certain features, the Notes app takes care of this for free.

Iphone Scan Documents

There are only two reasons why any user may have overlooked this hidden iPhone feature:

  • Lack of use of the Notes app.
  • Lack of use of “+” and “Markup” on the Notes app where the features are hidden.

Listed below is how to use these features.

Scanning Documents on an iPhone

1. Launch the Notes app.

2. Create a new note by clicking on the Edit icon.

3. Click the “+” icon.

4. Place the documents you want to scan in view of the camera.

5. Tap the shutter button or use your volume button to capture the scan.

6. Adjust the captured scan according to your preference. then select “Keep Scan.”

7. You can choose to include additional scans, especially if you have a large document or save what you already have.

Signing Documents on an iPhone

1. Select the saved scanned document in the note.

2. Tap the “Share” icon to bring out a list of options.

3. Select “Markup,” and then go to the “+” icon at the bottom of the screen.

4. Tap “Signature” to add your signature. Either sign with your finger or with an Apple Pencil.

5. Tap Done to save the signature.

2. Spotlight search

Another action you can easily carry out with your iPhone is a spotlight search. This is one of the many hidden iPhone features most individuals tend to overlook. A reason for this is that most of us are reliant on our phone browsers to carry out any research.

Iphone Spotlight Search Hidden iPhone Feature

But, instead of launching the Safari, a simple swipe of the home page can get a search for contacts, emails, web news, etc. Here’s how to use this feature:

1. Go to your Home screen.

2. Swipe down from the top of the screen.

3. Tap the Search bar, and input what you’re looking for.

4. See real-time results as you type.

5. Choose to “Search more” in an app or tap a result to “Show more.”

3. Scan QR codes with camera

Instead of downloading a QR code reader, your iPhone camera can help you save up a lot of space by scanning codes. Using this function is as simple as launching the camera app and placing the QR code in its field of view.

Iphone Scan Qr Code Hidden iPhone Feature

However, if you use your “Control Center” to launch the camera:

1. Hard press the “Camera” icon and wait for a pop-up menu.

2. Select “Scan QR code,” and the camera app will launch.

3. Place the code in the field of view of the camera and a link will pop out.

4. Tap the link and it will either open in Safari or open the targeted app.

4. Universal Clipboard

Apple’s devices are integrated and leverage one another for maximum efficiency. One such hidden iPhone feature that makes it easy to carry out an action on one Apple device and complete it in another is Continuity on Mac.

When the feature is enabled, you can easily copy something from an iOS 10 or higher and paste it on your iPhone or iPad but must do so within two minutes. To carry out this action:

1. Select the item you want to copy by placing your mouse arrow on it.

2. Right-click the selected item which should bring out options.

3. Choose “Copy” out of the options or make use of a keyboard shortcut to perform this action.

4. The copied item should be available on all your Apple devices so that all you have to do is “Paste” it.

5. Using Siri as a Reminder

Since the launch of Siri, Apple has reinvented the abilities of its voice-enabled AI to perform more functions. For example, you can open a web page on your browser and ask the AI to remind you of it in the next hour or the next day.

Iphone Siri Reminder Hidden iPhone Feature

You can also make use of the AI to send messages on third-party apps such as WhatsApp or Twitter.


Sometimes you don’t have to go the extra mile to find a solution to a problem. Such is the case with some of the hidden iPhone features. A little exploration of your device and its capabilities can help you maximize its potential for your own productivity.

If you think you’ve found better hidden features than what we listed here, please share.

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