Five Healthcare-Related Apps Worth Keeping Around On Your Android Device

Five Healthcare-Related Apps Worth Keeping Around On Your Android Device

Staying on top of your medical information can be daunting but, fortunately, there are a number of apps out there that can help make doing so easier than it’s ever been. Whether it’s having your details in order in case of an emergency or looking up useful facts ahead of time, here are five healthcare-related Android apps it’s good to have around.

1. Drugs Dictionary Parmaterra

rugs Dictionary Parmaterra Android App

Drugs Dictionary Parmaterra is a nifty little app for educating yourself about specific medications. The app can tell you what each one is used for, how to take it, what side effects to look out for, and a wealth of other information, such as both the brand and generic names for a particular drug.

2. Do Not Forget Your Pills

Do Not Forget Your Pills Android App

Do Not Forget Your Pills is an app that becomes increasingly useful the older you get. This piece of mobile software will help you keep track of which pills you need to take, how many, and what time of day. You’re able to store plans for more than one person, and there are alerts to make sure everyone gets their medicine on time.

3. Find My Medicine

Find My Medicine Android App

While the previous two apps both serve specific functions, Find My Medicine is perhaps the most particular. You use it to find the different names for medicines used in the countries that you visit. This way if you don’t come across the correct medicine, it won’t be because it went by another name.

But, unfortunately, while the app contains thousands of drugs, it only supports seven countries: England, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, and the US. So if you’re not traveling to North America or Europe, Find My Medicine won’t be of much use.

4. My Medical History

My Medical History Android App

My Medical History doesn’t just store and list your medical information, it provides a diagram where you can mark which specific parts of your body you’ve had previous issues with or surgery performed on. You can keep track of problems and record the date.

You can use the app to keep track of your medications and prescriptions. There’s also a calendar for tracking appointments, making the app a useful thing to have around the next time you have to do something health-related.

5. Family Medical Info

Family Medical Info Android App

Family Medical Info is intended for use in case of emergencies and regularly-scheduled doctor’s visits alike. It can just as quickly come in handy when filling out forms and applications. The app lets you store data about your entire family, including a photo, everyone’s birth dates, height, weight, blood type, allergies, insurance policies, doctors, medical history, and vaccinations.

Family Medical Info is the only paid app on this list, and it costs $1.99.


Hopefully you will never need to actually use some of these apps in an emergency, but it helps to be prepared. Working with one may even force you to gather information and documents that you would otherwise not think about.

Have you come across any good apps for storing your medical information? Have you ever had to turn to one in a time of need? Share your story in the comments below.

Bertel King, Jr.

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