Have You Tried the New Windows 10?

After the long wait, Windows 10 has finally been released for the general public. Now everyone can try it out with a free update if previously using Windows 7 or Windows 8. Have you tried it yet?

There have been several opinions of Windows 10 both from people who had tried it in beta and those who hadn’t even tried it yet. Mostly people want to upload it to get rid of Windows 8 which really didn’t go over too well. However, like with all software updates, not everyone will like it. There are plenty of changes from a browser to replace Internet Explorer (finally!) to an updated Start Menu. You can check out our article that includes seven reasons why you should go ahead and upgrade. But is it really what users are looking for? There could be some naysayers who still don’t like Windows 10 or who are having a difficult time making the transition. There always is with every new OS no matter how good it is.

This is why we’d like to hear from you. We’d like your opinion. You can leave a comment below letting us know your exact thoughts, and you can also chime in via the poll letting us know if you have tried it or not.

Have you tried the new Windows 10?

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  1. Being a huge Linux advocate (Linux only user since the mid 90’s), I have to say this version of windows is pretty darn good. I’ve tried all versions of windows over the years and I’ve liked a few (not enough to use them) and I’ve hated others. Windows ME was a mess that Microsoft would like to sweep under the rug. Windows XP was solid but still looked a lot like Windows 95 and was virus prone. Windows Vista was Windows ME part 2. Windows 7 was solid but didn’t introduce any new innovations. Windows 8 was full of new ideas but they were all failures unless you were using a tablet and still not better than iOS or Android. That brings us to Windows 10, I’ve been using it since the beta and updated to the latest version since the day it was first available. SO FAR, it seems solid and stable. Their are new features and innovations in the OS (new to windows users that is), like multiple desktops etc. The biggest problem I foresee will be how easy you can get viruses in Windows 10, and I think it will be very easy as long as they keep a copy of IE hidden in the OS. Microsoft needs to make website developers do their job and update their legacy websites by tossing IE in the trash. Until then infecting windows 10 will be Just as easy as any other version if Windows. Of course there are other ways to infect the OS, but eliminating IE will close one of the biggest security holes in Windows.

  2. Windows 10 came, it saw, it installed. On my office computer. Used it for a day, seemed fine. Then, this morning when I booted the machine, it froze. Three times during its first 30 minutes of its second day of existence in my computer. The first message said there was a problem loading the Start button and another process, and Windows would try to fix it at the next login. Okay, so I rebooted and logged in, but it froze again. Said Windows had a problem loading the Start button again plus a different process this time. Rebooted, logged in, same problem with a third process mentioned this time. I stopped and went to get a coffee. Even a seasoned abused Windows user like me has to take a break.

    I might add that I was running a legal copy of Windows 8.1, with plenty of RAM and disk space, and the computer did pass the Windows 10 compatibility check.

    Really Microsoft? You guys have been at it since 1986 and you can’t get an OS working right? I have been using Windows and DOS since the earliest days and have never found Windows in any version to be stable and dependable enough for serious work. Windows 3.11, Windows 98 SE, Windows 2000, Windows XP SP3 and Windows 8.1 were barely tolerable. That’s why my main work machine has always been Linux based since the late 90s. I have used Macs sporadically but finally bought a Macbook Pro a few months ago and am amazed at how well the thing works. Three months running with extensive use, multiple desktops with full Adobe CC and Microsoft Office suites, and not a slowdown, crash, anomaly or weirdness experienced. I am not a Windows, Apple, Linux, OS2, etc. fanboy. When it comes to gadgets and machines, i go with what works for me.

    I would estimate I have spent about 25%-30% of my computing time over the years fixing Windows-related problems, both my own machines and friends’ and families’ computers. For some people, switching to Linux or Mac is just not viable, so they are stuck with Microsoft problems. I don’t think Microsoft will take kindly to a request to pay me for the lost hours/days/weeks of my life. Tomorrow or on Friday, I get to try to fix the problem. I have a feeling I am just going to revert to Windows 8.1 and wait for Windows 20. Maybe they will have figured it out by then, go bankrupt, get bought out and shut down, or I will have moved on to a world without computers.

    Final verdict? Microsoft sucks. Always has, still does, and probably always will. Stay away if you can.

  3. It would be great if it didn’t slow my computer to a crashing halt. Boot times were over 5 minutes, task manger showed everything running at 100%. I’ll stick with 8.1 and 7 until they get their ducks in a row.

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