Have You Tried the New Windows 10?

After the long wait, Windows 10 has finally been released for the general public. Now everyone can try it out with a free update if previously using Windows 7 or Windows 8. Have you tried it yet?

There have been several opinions of Windows 10 both from people who had tried it in beta and those who hadn’t even tried it yet. Mostly people want to upload it to get rid of Windows 8 which really didn’t go over too well. However, like with all software updates, not everyone will like it. There are plenty of changes from a browser to replace Internet Explorer (finally!) to an updated Start Menu. You can check out our article that includes seven reasons why you should go ahead and upgrade. But is it really what users are looking for? There could be some naysayers who still don’t like Windows 10 or who are having a difficult time making the transition. There always is with every new OS no matter how good it is.

This is why we’d like to hear from you. We’d like your opinion. You can leave a comment below letting us know your exact thoughts, and you can also chime in via the poll letting us know if you have tried it or not.

Have you tried the new Windows 10?

Image credit: Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview

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