Happy Birthday, Make Tech Easier

Yes, Make Tech Easier is now one year old. Happy Birthday!

For those of you who have been with us and giving us your support all the while, we’d like to take the opportunity to say THANKS to all of you. MTE won’t be what it is today without all your support. You are awesome.

A year ago, I started this blog as a personal passion and as a way to document all the hacks that I have done to my computer. Never did I thought that maintaining and updating this blog has now become my full time job. It is really great to do something you really like and make a living out of it. I can only say that it’s been a wonderful journey for me.

Here’s a quick review of the statistics for the past 1 year:

  • Total posts: 235
  • Total comments: 1365

we have a group of awesome writers that just joined the MTE team, so you will be expecting more quality posts/tutorials/tips/tricks/reviews in the future. At the same time, MTE is always on the lookout for good writers to join us. If you have what it takes to become a tech blogger, don’t hesitate, join us now!

The 5 most popular posts are as follow:


  • In the first month of blogging, we already have more than 30,000 visitors to our site.
  • As of today, MTE is seeing more than 120,000 visitors per month and over 250,000 monthly page views.
  • It took 9 months to reach the top 100,000 in Alexa ranking. Now it is standing at a rank of 76,772
  • The three main sources of traffic are from Google, StumbleUpon and Digg

Google Pagerank has always been a constant 4 until recently that it dropped to 2, possibly because of selling of text link in the content. I have stopped the text link ad since then and hopefully we will see the pagerank back to 4 or higher in the next PR update.

Things that are happening in MTE

  • A total theme changeover in the upcoming weeks

A new theme that is cleaner, neater and better is on the way. It is under heavy development now. We should be able to get it up in the next 2 weeks.

  • New advertisement slot

We will be rolling out the feed advertising as new advertising options for our advertisers. Interested advertisers can get more detail on the Advertise page or simply contact us for more query.

Note: As part of our birthday celebration, we are giving away a 50% discount for all our advertisement options. There are only few slots left. Promotion valid till end of this week  (22nd Nov 2008), or when all slots are filled, whichever come first.


  1. So I just become your first visitor that post in your birthday…once again Happy Birthday..It’s a cool site.

  2. @boyin: Thanks!

  3. Happy Birthday!!
    I started reading u r blog few weeks ago and since then, i’ve been hooked to ur content. :-) Gr8 job.. keep it up!!

  4. I have been quietly reading MTE from last 4 month direct from feeddemon (But never commented here). Frankly tell you post on MTE are way different then all the blogs out their. I myself tend to post news, hacks etc published on some other blog/forum but MTE content is unique, useful & out of box.

    A Blogging tips may not fit on MTE but I would love to hear all Blogging tip/tricks used by MTE Authors. I never knew Damien you are now full time blogger (one of goal of my life).wish you best of luck for blogging journey.

    I will suggest you not to involve in any text link activity we just cant make Big Daddy angry, considering its major source of traffic for any blog or website.

    Congratulation and wish you best of luck MTE, I am sure that MTE will see huge traffic in coming months.

  5. Good stats Damien. Keep the good posts up!

  6. Have MTE on bookmark , I like the Linux & OSX posts best.Keep up the great work.

  7. Happy Birthday…thanks for Tech Easier…thanks for all those infmation Damien…really good Blog

  8. Happy Birthday! I know that I’m a bit late, but that’s how I usually am with birthdays, so no shocker there…

    Seriously, congratulations on the 1 year up & running, this blog is great-I’ve gotten some really kickass tips from you & am hoping for more.

  9. I subscribed to the Kindle version of MTE today. I’m confused as the articles seem to be truncated and terminated with an ellipsis mid sentence indicating that there is more to the article. However, for the life of me, I can’t access the remainder of the article. I’ve been on numerous boards and have also asked Amazon for a solution. I figured going to the source may not be a bad idea either. The article I’m interested in specifically is “Four Sites to Promote Your Cause”. There are others in the Sep 19, 2009 blog, but this is the one that interests me most. You could just email me the links that were not available in today’s blog if you prefer.


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