What Do You Do with Your Old Mobile Phones?


Everybody always wants the newest mobile phone with upgraded features, but this leaves the question of what to do with your old one, whether you save it, trade it in, sell it, etc. What do you do with your old mobile phones?

Mobile phones have been around for quite awhile, but they’ve only been mainstream, with everyone having one for the past ten to fifteen years. Throughout most of this time, the module for sales was getting everyone on a two-year contract. When the two year period expires, people tend to have tired of their phone and want a newer model right away. And now there are contracts out there where people can upgrade even sooner.

This leaves a question of what to do with your old phone. Some people hold on to those older phones, not knowing if something might end up damaging their newer model. Some cellular companies allow people to trade in their older model phone to save money on a newer phone. And some enterprising companies allow you to donate your old mobile phones to a good cause such as people who can’t afford one on their own or to soldiers overseas.

What about you? What do you do with your old mobile phones?

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  1. Battered women’s shelters are always grateful for old cell phones. They either recycle them to raise money for the shelter or reprogram them as emergency 911 phones and give them to people in danger. FYI, shelters also always can use toiletry items – the travel size shampoos and other items we all take home from hotels are perfect because they can be given to victims who are staying in the shelter (most show up with little but what they are wearing – they don’t have time to pack a bag or anything).

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