How Do You Handle SPAM Email?

One of the biggest annoyances in our technology-filled world is certainly SPAM email. We’ve all had it and had to deal with it in some way. When you find SPAM email in your inbox, how do you handle it?

One or two errant SPAM emails isn’t that big of a deal. But when you open your inbox and find it filled with emails that you didn’t request and from senders you don’t recognize, it can be a huge annoyance. It’s akin to getting sales calls on your phone or even getting salespeople on your doorstep. It’s unwarranted but for some reason an evil we just can’t seem to get rid of completely. The delete button is of course the first option, but that doesn’t make it go away. If it was just one sender, that would be one thing, but SPAM email comes from so many different sources that it can be hard to block.

We’ve all been there, but what do you do? Do you hit the SPAM button with every single email you errantly receive? Do you change your email service to just start all over with something fresh that hasn’t ended up on a spammer’s list yet?

How do you handle SPAM email?

Laura Tucker Laura Tucker

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  1. “How Do You Handle SPAM Email?”
    With all the contempt it deserves!

    Unfortunately I use GMail. Designating offending emails in GMail as SPAM is an exercise in futility. No matter how many times I report Spam emails to GMail, emails from certain senders always gets through Google’s filters. I am forced to set up my own filters which is almost as futile since the Spam is only put in my Deleted Folder rather than permanently deleted. In its infinite wisdom, Google does not see fit to provide a “Send directly to Spam” or “Delete Forever” option. And, YES, I have requested several times that Google provide either one of those options. Their silence is deafening.

  2. It suprises me how many people have only one email address, since years I have at least 3, one main for trusted contacts and companies, one for ‘other’, one for all kinds of signups that I need to keep and for the rest.

    And using the spam filter of Thunderbird effectively. Rarely get/see any spam, only noobs are flooded with spam. (and curiously click any links inside again etc.)

  3. I use Mailwasher, with a gmail address. It only takes a little while to train it, and then you get them marked for you BEFORE you download them onto your computer. I have found it’s very good.

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