How to Hactivate Your iPhone with Subscriber Artificial Module (SAM)

What does hactivate mean?

Perhaps many of the iPhone users do not know what hactivation means. Others may think of it as jailbreak. But no, hactivation is not jailbreaking.

To hactivate is to open or unlock your iPhone for other mobile operators or carriers. For example, you bought your iPhone from O2, it follows that you will not be able to use SIM cards other than O2’s unless you will hactivate your iPhone; that’s the only time you will be able to use other carriers.

What does Subscriber Artificial Module (SAM) do?

SAM will trick iTunes and iPhone to create legitimate activation tickets despite the fact that it is unlocked by ultrasn0w. It simply means that you can enjoy the benefits of push applications. Aside from that, this will increase your iPhone’s battery life.

Note: you will have to jailbreak your iPhone first to be able to perform the following steps.

Part 1: Subscriber Artificial Module Installation

Step 1: Launch Cydia, tap on “Manage” tab at the bottom and tap on “Sources“.


Step 2: Upon tapping on the ‘Sources’, you can see an “Edit” button on the upper-right, tap on it to open. Press “Add” button on the upper-left, and enter the following address:


Step 3: After entering the address above, you will be prompted with “Return to Cydia” button, tap on it to go back to Cydia list of sources. Select “Binger” and choose “SAM“.


Step 4: Once you open SAM, you are ready to install it by pressing the “Install” button located top-right.


Step 5: Since we will be installing two packages, we will queue them first. Tap on “Continue Queuing“, and press “ repo” button on the upper-left corner of the screen.


Step 6: Now, tap on “SAMPrefs” to open the package and press “Install” button, and “Confirm” your action. The installation will not be long.


Step 7: Once the installation is done, tap on “Restart Springboard” button.


Part 2: RedSn0w Installation and Firmware Restoration

Step 8: Now, download the latest version of RedSn0w (0.9.6b6) for Windows or Mac. Unzip the package when the download in complete, and launch the application when ready.

Step 9: When RedSn0w is opened, you will be prompted to browse for IPSW file.


Step 10: Click “Browse” button and navigate through the directory where you have downloaded/saved the IPSW file. If you have jailbroken your iPhone, you must have used such file.


Note: If you are using iPhone 3GS, RedSn0w will ask you about its bootroom. Click “Yes” if your iPhone uses new bootroom and “No” if it doesn’t. Check out this article if you don’t know how to check the bootroom version of your iPhone 3GS.


Step 11: If you’ve chosen the right IPSW file, redsn0w will prompt you that verification was successful. Click the “Next” button to continue; redsn0w will then prepare the jailbreak data.



Step 12: When you are doing the jailbreak process, you can choose whichever options you want. However, in this case, you just have to choose “Deactivate“, then click “Next” button to continue.


Step 13: Connect your iPhone to your computer, then turn it OFF; click “Next” button if ready.


Step 14: You will be guided to put your iPhone into DFU mode. Just follow the screenshots below.




Step 15: Your iPhone will reboot and redsn0w will start uploading new RAM Disk and Kernel. Once done, you just have to click on the “Finish” button.


Part 3: Subscriber Artificial Module (SAM) Settings

Step 16: Launch “Settings” app, tap on “SAM” to open and make sure “De-Activate iPhone” option is enabled.


Step 17: Now, launch iTunes and let your iPhone activate. There are times when iTunes prompts you that your SIM is invalid, if it happens, manually select the right carrier instead of using “Auto Detect” then click on SIMID. And, that’s it.

Basically, this guide is petty simple when you are doing it yourself. You won’t even find it hard to follow.


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