Does the Hacking of Ashley Madison Make You Less Likely to Share Intimate Information Online?

When the Ashley Madison site was hacked, it caught many people with their pants down, so to speak. Something they thought they were getting away with on the sly is suddenly public for the world to see. Does the hacking of this site make you less likely to share intimate information online?

The Ashley Madison website gives people who are in a marriage or other committed relationship a venue to set up cheating. Their tagline is “Life is short; have an affair.” Hackers that objected to what they do blackmailed them and eventually hacked into the site and released the stolen data which included names, photos, chat logs, and credit card info. It’s caused many problems for the users who thought they were doing something privately. If this confidential site can be hacked publicly, it obviously means other sites are open to that as well. This makes us as users think of all the places we share our financial info, name, address, photos, etc. It starts with social networking and goes all the way through to online stores.

Does this situation worry you because of the information you have shared online? Or do you not share that type of information anyway? Do you only share personal information with certain sites? Are you now going to be more wary of sharing info in social networks and shopping sites?

Does the hacking of Ashley Madison make you less likely to share intimate information online?