Hackers Demand $10M with Ransomware, Then Leak Personal Info

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One of the largest government-sponsored dental insurance companies, Managed Care of North America (MCNA) Dental, confirmed on its website that it suffered a data breach in late February. Hackers ransacked the online servers with ransomware and managed to steal the personal details of nearly 9 million customers, then demanded $10 million in ransom.

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Data Breach

According to a filing with the Office of the Maine Attorney General, the MCNA data was compromised between February 26 and March 7, with the total users given as 8,923,662. During that time, the hackers downloaded sensitive and confidential information that included:

  • First and last name
  • Address, date of birth and phone number
  • Social Security number
  • Driver's license number/other government-issued ID number

The data also contained information on customers' health insurance plans, Medicaid-Medicare ID numbers and previous insurance claims. “When we learned about the activity, we immediately began an investigation. Law enforcement was contacted. We are also making our computer systems even stronger than before because we do not want this to happen again,” reads an explanation on the MCNA website.

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The company's investigation was finalized earlier this month, but it wasn't until this week that customers were notified of the breach. While it wasn't confirmed by MCNA, the hacker group LockBit has taken responsibility for the breach.

To prove that they were behind it, they released a sample of the stolen information and threatened to release about 700GB of the data if they weren't paid $10 million. MCNA didn't cave to the ransom demand, which resulted in LockBit releasing the data on the dark web for other hackers to use.

The group had previously targeted the Olympia Community Unit School District 16, locking down their servers and also demanding an undisclosed ransom. However, the group had a change of heart and was “very ashamed” of the action.

If you are an MCNA customer, the company is offering free identity theft protection for one year.

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