How Much Is Your Hacked Info Worth on the Dark Web?

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Not everyone is having a horrible 2020 and 2021. Cybercriminals are profiting – off your personal information – according to what a cybersecurity firm has put together. Read on to find out how much your hacked info is worth on the Dark Web.

Information for Sale on the Dark Web

Much has been said about the SolarWinds security breach, but there have been many security breaches since the beginning of the pandemic. This led cybersecurity firm Private Affairs to examine what happens to all that stolen information. With much of the info landing on the Dark Web, Private Affairs put together the “Dark Web Price Index 2021” to find out how much personal data is worth.

This list contains credit card data, payment processing services, crypto accounts, social media, hacked services, forged documents, and email database dumps. A fake U.S. Green Card? It’s worth $150 on the Dark Web. A state of New Jersey ID is only worth $50, while a state of Indiana ID is worth $185.

Private Affairs found more info being sold now compared to 2020. The sales for fake IDs and credit cards are in the “several thousands.” The variety has grown as well, with hacked crypto and Uber accounts now available.

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A “vendor” profile shows that it has 1290 sales and 626 positive reviews in a little more than a year. The vendor is selling stolen credit cards. Private Affairs explained there are hundreds more vendors like this. The profile for a fake ID vendor shows sales every day. But fake IDs have been around for decades, so that doesn’t seem so unusual.

With supply and demand at play, buyers are now opting for the larger, more “trustworthy” sites. Unbelievably, there are advertised offers of “Buy two cloned credit cards and get one for free!” It shows you how competitive the market is.

The Dark Web is even trying to be more secure. The unsecure Bitcoin isn’t desirable anymore, while Monero payments and PGP-encrypted communication are favored.

There’s been a price increase for stolen credit card data, despite only an 80 percent guaranteed record or balance. Online banking logins have increased dramatically in price, from $65 to $120, nearly a 100 percent increase.

There is now new credit card information that wasn’t available previously on the Dark Web. This includes hacked credit card details with a CVV. You can even choose locations. U.S. credit cards command the lowest price, with the highest from Israel.

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Likewise, Paypal details are very inexpensive, thanks to an abundant supply. Transfers have become more favorable than account details. Guides on using the information are on offer as well.

With retailers now accepting mobile and other forms of payment, it’s led to new products on offer on the Dark Web, including payment processors. The pricing can fluctuate because of “cybersecurity capabilities and insurance.”

A very high value is placed on hacked crypto accounts, as they have the potential to hold great sums. The cheapest hacked crypto account is a verified account for $300. The most expensive is a Kraken verified account for $810.

Know that as frustrating as it is to have your Facebook or Twitter account hacked, your information isn’t even commanding a high price. Private Affairs isn’t sure whether this is because of an increased supply or a diminishing value. A hacked Facebook account has dropped $10 to $65, while a hacked Twitter account dropped $14 to $35. There’s also a cheap market for followers: 1000 Instagram followers has dropped to just $2.

Hacked accounts for services like rideshare and streaming are also offered on the cheap. A hacked Uber account is only $8, while a year of Netflix will set you back $44. An eBay account with more than 1000 positive feedback is a whopping $1000.

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Forged documents can be very valuable, as all a hacker needs is a few of your real details, then can make up the rest. These forged documents are available as digital scans or physical documents.

A valid U.S. social security number can be bought for just $2. Also on offer digitally are driver’s licenses, utility bill templates, and even a U.S. selfie holding an ID for $100. Fake physical documents offered include fake Green Cards, passports for different countries, and state IDs.

Have you had your email hacked recently? Email database dumps are prevalent and cheap. Most of them are collections or otherwise put together from other breaches. You can purchase 478 million emails from Mexico for $10. How about a U.S. voter database? That will set you back only $100.

What Can We Learn from This?

The obvious thing to learn here is that all your info is subject to being hacked and winding up on the Dark Web. You just can’t protect it enough. We publish the news here of many of the newest hacks, and we do so hoping we can prevent our readers from becoming victims.

All this information that appeared on the Dark Web shows that your data is big business. If you never see it again, someone else definitely will.

To get started protecting your information, read these tips to protect your Gmail account security, iOS security settings you should change, and Chrome security extensions to improve your browsing security.

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