Google’s Fuchsia Could Be Near 1st Developer Release

Googles Fuchsia Developer Release Featured

This could be the time Android fans have been anxiously awaiting. They could be nearing the day when they get to dump Android for its replacement. Google’s Fuchsia, Android’s expected replacement, could be nearing its first developer release.

What Is Known About Google’s Fuchsia

As we have covered here before, Google’s Fuchsia is a new operating system under development. Our last report looked at the possibility that Google would make it public open source.

While Google is extremely secretive about Fuchsia, there are some interesting known facts. While the goal is for it to not be built on Linux, Google still wants it to run apps written for Linux platforms. This would include Android apps, despite the belief it’s supposed to be an Android replacement. In fact, with it being tested on multiple devices, it’s believed it could potentially run on anything.

Googles Fuchsia Developer Release Android

Those who have downloaded Fuchsia’s source code, built it, and either installed it or ran it on an emulator, are the only ones outside of Google to have gotten a look at it. While Android versions are named after sweet foods, Google’s Fuchsia is named in compound words with “food”: “fish food,” “team food,” and “dog food.”

A selective piece of code, with the title “releases/F1,” was released in January. Close to 25 more code changes were added over the past couple of months. About six weeks later, “releases/F2” appeared. There are even known issues that have been tagged to be fixed later in “F3.”

What Does All This Mean?

9to5Google confidently believes that Google’s Fuchsia is nearing a release and that there will be regularly-timed releases after that. What the site is unsure of is what those first releases will look like. Because they will only be developer releases, they won’t be the finished product and could be bare bones.

Googles Fuchsia Developer Release Whiteboard

Its also believed that Google’s Flutter team is preparing for Fuchsia F1 with a dedicated branch in their engine code. Flutter is Google’s tool that allows apps to be released on multiple platforms. It already has the capability to create Fuchsia apps.

This is obviously still really early in the game. It would be more likely for a public release to be further away than closer. Hopefully, though, we’ll get to see some sneak peeks sooner.

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